Today. A few thoughts on where I am, what I’m doing and how I’m feeling…

Today. What will I choose to do with this day? Some things are out of my control…Sarah is at work (she’s working at a vet clinic…she LOVES it and apparently has a steel coated stomach, able to withstand all she’s seen AND done so far) and she will need to be picked up around 12:00. But her vet also wants us to bring in our girl, Sammi so that he can look at her ears. For free. After spending $450 two months ago on this dog at our regular vet, since Sarah works for a vet…he’ll see our animals for free. I love him. We have a high maintenance German Shepherd. With allergies. And ear issues.

Sorry…went all ADD for a moment…

It will come as no surprise that we are busy. Shawn has his fourth baseball game in as many days tonight. He has another tomorrow but he’ll be at the beach. Please pray for his mother. She’s feeling anxious about him going. Did I mention he is taking her car? Her mini-van to be precise. Her baby driving her baby with other momma’s babies inside. Oy.

Brett begins football camp today. Brian Mitchell Football Camp. The big show. Just in time for the heat and humidity to move back in. Today is their fun day…no pads, cleats or helmets. Signing in, running a few drills to see where each kid places and getting pics taken with Brian Mitchell and any other football players that he brings along. Brett is psyched. But also bummed. Because there is A Girl. Her name is Caroline. Who else but A Girl would make this boy get out of bed at 7:00am on a Saturday morning to shower and get dressed and be down at the pool to watch her swim in a swim meet. None of my children are swimming on the swim team this year, but my youngest child has been hanging around at the pool a lot. Here is a pic of Brett and Caroline when they were six.

She is now a stunning 12 year old beauty with long dark hair. All three of my children go for dark haired stunners. As did my spouse…(big grin here).

I must speak out about twelve-year-old boys for a moment. They are heart-breakers. Mom’s heart, that is. At least mine is. I forced him to give me a smooch on the cheek Thursday morning before he headed out on an overnight beach trip. He begrudgingly did it. But who does he call the moment he arrives back home? Who does he run to to give a hug and a kiss too? His Momma, of course. So I’ve learned to take the diss with the kiss. Love that boy. I told him he can’t move away because as the third child it is his responsibility (by law) to live with his parents and take care of them, especially his momma. It took him a day or two to figure out that other third children adults he knows isn’t doing that so it CAN’T be a law. Lol.

Speaking of stunners, Sarah’s new guy is stuck at school three hours away this weekend. He doesn’t have a ride home and his parents couldn’t squeeze in two six hour round trips this weekend to get him. So last night, Sarah and Trey were on the phone together while she made oatmeal cookies here at the house and he made them in the dorm kitchen. At the same time. While they were talking on the phone together. His idea. Seriously…this guy is an angel. In fact I now refer to him as Angel Boy and Sarah told him the other day that clearly, her parents would rather HE was their child over HER. Not so…well…maybe…no, definitely a firm no.

Several months ago, God began preparing me for a time of change, a time in the desert, a time when I would have to rely solely on Him and to let go of trying to do it myself. That time has arrived. Thankfully, He has surrounded me with the most incredible women (especially) and men (a few, to include my husband). Women who have the gift and ability to tell me what I need to hear and to not hold back. As much as I love that, I also hate that. It is forcing me to be reflective, to turn inward in order to turn upward.

I so covet your prayers.

5 thoughts on “Today. A few thoughts on where I am, what I’m doing and how I’m feeling…

  1. Thank you for the word about twelve year old boys. My heart has been experiencing this for the first time…ouch! At least I know it is normal and that my twelve year old monster, er… boy is coming by it naturally.As far as prayer…you got it girl. I am excited for you…God is going to blow your mind.Love,love,love you!


  2. Hey sweet one. Such a full life, but your kids sound like such a wonderful bunch! I can understand the desert. I’ve been in a bit of one myself. Or maybe desert is the wrong analogy, because my problem is I want to be thirsty but I’m not. At any rate, I pray that God will work powerfully in your life during this season, and sustain you with His unfailing love, grace and strength.I love you!


  3. Hey Susan,I never thought that someone as technology challenged as me would find comfort during these leaving the nest years on the internet! I find so much I relate to on your blog and appreciate your honesty and openness.Definately saying prayers for that young man on the road.Kathyand his mama.


  4. Putting my fingers in my ears and refusing to to listen to the 12 year old kiss and diss thing. “La La La La”. Not going to happen to me, right? Yeah, don’t answer that. I’ve enjoyed catching up on your happenings. Wow, is all I have to say about all that is going on in your life! Hang in there sister!


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