The Desert.

~~UPDATED~~T reminded me that I wanted to mention one specific thing He has give me during this dry and arid time…

Hey Sweet Girls. I just need to talk to you for a moment.

It’s been kinda quiet here in This Girl land, I know. Oh, I have had a lot to say. Tons, really. But none of it important. Until this morning. I want to make this brief and informative so I believe I’ll do it this way.

:: I’m spending some time in the desert. I knew it was coming. Have known for awhile.
:: It’s been hard.
:: It’s been incredible.
:: It’s been a blessing.
:: I’ve learned some major lessons.
:: God’s love language is obedience.
:: He doesn’t want my excuses. He wants my heart.
:: He doesn’t want me dragging my feet. He wants me running to do His will.
:: He doesn’t care that I’m busy.
:: He wants me to slow down.
:: He wants me to simplify.

There is a whole bunch more, Sweet Girls, and there will soon be a time when I will be free to share more.

But for now, my focus is on Him…
my husband…
our children…
this life that He has blessed us with…
created us for.

And the blessings…oh, they are going to be beyond anything I can even begin to imagine.

*NIV Life Application Bible.

5 thoughts on “The Desert.

  1. I really miss you too! Praying for you this morning and wishing we could go have coffee and a croissant and a real-live face to face chat…JoanneP.S. We’re off to the Bass Pro Shop later this morning for a little field trip. BIG fun around here!


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