Monday Night Bible Study. Part Deux.

Four of our Monday Night Bible Study Home Girls are also part of this group. We had been getting together for the last couple of years for prayer time, bible study, fellowship, life-sharing. Last year, I felt God was leading me to take back that weekly time for my family. Thankfully, we all attend the same church and see each other still. We speak on the phone and now and then all get together. These four women are still meeting on Tuesday mornings. I miss that time with them. But I know that, for a time at least, I had to stop meeting with them each week.

I have spoken about them before. But I want to touch upon each of them today.

One of these sweet women is from West Virginia. Now, I love West Virginia. It IS Wild and Wonderful and beautiful. Unfortunately, WV has gotten a bad rap and some folks like to jokingly tease our sweet West Virginian about her home state. I, of course, am not one of them. She takes the ribbing very well and even makes her own comments about WV. She has such a wonderful heart. Raised mostly in foster care, she is giving back and has foster children of her own. Her life can be described as wild and wonderful. And not just a little stressful at times.

Another of my sweet friends is pregnant with her long-awaited, much-anticipated second child. A boy child to make her family complete. Of all of us, the Pregnant One is probably the most sensitive to the lost. She has a heart and God-given desire to reach those that don’t know Jesus. And God has placed her in places where He is able to use that desire. I am often astounded by her ability and heart in this area of ministry God has called her to. She is truly following God’s call on her life.

One of these lovely women came into my life (and the rest of ours) at a time of great need in her life. For whatever reason, she was going through a period in the desert and spent a lot of time in her home. Recognizing it for what it was…a time in the desert…she turned to God for guidance. Comfort. Peace. And to us. For encouragement. Fellowship. Food. (It’s ALWAYS about the food.) She has since left this desert place and doesn’t hesitate to share what God did for her during and now after her time there. She is also our can-do girl…give her a paperclip, some duct tape and a pencil and she can make or fix anything.

The last, but definitely NOT least, of these bff’s of mine, came to our church already one of us. She was the dear friend of another church member and from the time we first heard about her coming until she and her military husband and family arrived…she had already become assimilated. We never gave her the option nor the opportunity to even look at another church…and her husband finally gave up, threw in the towel and they all joined our church membership. I feel as if I have always known her, although it’s only been a few short years. She has an incredible voice. She is the VBS Queen. There is talk of her leaving Virginia this summer. But I’m ignoring it. Not happening. Can’t happen. Won’t allow it.

So there you have a bit more info on the Amazing Women I do this bible study thing/life thing with.

NOT that any one of them was upset that they weren’t written about the first go around. Nope. Not a one.

(You know who you are.)

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