After a Healthy Day of Eating…

What can drive a 46.9 year old woman to devour this in 10 minutes flat?

A day spent at her daughter’s volleyball tournament, that’s what. I’m not sure what was more difficult…watching an extremely talented team of girls self-destruct or have to listen to the parents around me commenting on the self-destruction.

The only good side to the entire event was that I’m home at 6:30 instead of 9:00. Since we didn’t even make it into the playoffs.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll post some pics from the tournament but right now…I just want to wash my face, put my flannel jammies on and veg.

This Girl, Out.

7 thoughts on “After a Healthy Day of Eating…

  1. That sundae looks like a party in your mouth! I wish I could have had one with you but I will go now and eat a large bowl of ice cream in your honor! Yay for flannel jammies and getting home early!


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