On Being 47.

Four decades plus seven
Married twenty-five years
(not sure which shocks me more…the age or the years married)
hanging on to this extra weight
desperately seeking organization
scared I will never find it
wanting to live intentionally
to live with intent
with purpose
with focus
to love
to bless
mother of three
living with less fear
wanting to live with no fear
living with more faith
wanting to live with complete faith
beloved of God

10 thoughts on “On Being 47.

  1. SooZ!!! Happy Birthday girl! I hope your day is filled with extra special surprises! I hope you get treated like a queen! I hope you have an all around AWESOME day! Happy happy birthday. I am so thankful for you, my precious bloggy friend!Ter

  2. Oh Happy Birthday! I so know what you mean about your list. Your life is such a blessing! thank you for always being so real!! love the part about the shock of being married that long. if i make it that many years it will be all of God!! =)

  3. Happy Birthday! I will be joining in the 47 group in October. always learning, and looking for the return of the Saviour..thats all we really need to keep pressing for! Love ya Princess!!!

  4. Well Happy Birthday Susan! And I am sending you a gift! LOLActually, you won my blog carnival giveaway. I hope you love them as much as I do, and I think you will because I see alot of the same books I like to read on your site. Go to my blog to see the prize you won, and email me at DidiLyn@aol.com with your address. Congratulations and Happy Birthday!!! By the way, I LOVE your interview with your son. Mine is coming home Monday from serving in Afganistan. Woo Hoo!!Email soooon!Diane Meyer

  5. happy birthday to you!happy birthday to you!loved your listloved your listyou are such a thinker, yesyou are such a thinkerwanting to live intentionallyreally got to me…you are!have been missing youhave i been gone or have you been gone?my pneumoniahas thrown me for a loop…are you here?

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