It’s all about the gifts.

Oh, I used to deny it. I tried to hide it. But it’s all about the gifts. It really is my #1 (by far) Love Language. I love Gary Chapman. He finally convinced me that being a gift-lover isn’t selfish and self-centered, it’s just the way I’m wired. Yay!
Back to the gifts.
My bff, Beth (also one of my Monday Night Bible Study Home Girls) arrived at our home at 8:10 yesterday morning bearing gifts. I so love her. Flowers and chocolate covered Altoids. I love these almost as much as I love Starbucks. A hug and a smooch and she was off to work.
This one single act got the gift receiving juices flowing and I had to gather up other gifts so I could open them. The Man, who was telecommuting from home yesterday, got a kick out of my glee, I’m sure.
I opened my cards first. $$…hard cold cash…love that. From the ‘rents. (That’s parents for all of you without teenagers.) Both ‘rents sent me $$. They know what I like. From my sister…something I never buy for myself. Workout clothes! Not just because I’m currently in a non-working-out-pit (and have been for the past 3 years) but because when I actually DO workout…I wear sweats or leggins and big bulky shirts and sweatshirts to hide my…well…big bulk. So from my sis a Champion purple workout tee and shorts. And a Starbucks card. Because Starbucks is the only place I’m ever really in a hurry to get to these days.
My bff’s Jillellen and Lori took me to my fave restaurant Tuesday night. And brought gifts. A pretty bracelet that has “Live the Word” etched into every other link. Some yumm-o chocolate and this. Plus this little cutie to hold my leopard spotted reading glasses.

All of these things = JOY~

MQC (more on her in an upcoming Bible Study Girls post) dropped off a goodie bag with a lovely canister (going to put my fave tea bags in it) and cinniman muffin mix. Yum.
My bff, Joanne…a beautiful bag that she made. It is gorgeous. I love it! Here it is…

Please note coordinating ribbon and even the pen on the note tag matches. Inside…coordianting fabric pocket and bottom.

From my bff, T…a pound of Starbucks beans and a gardenia scented candle. Here’s the thing…gardenia is my favorite scent. Ev-er.
Since I work for our Pastor, this morning there were three of my favorite things on my desk…a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates in the shape of seashells (I love seashells) and…you guessed it…coffee beans! One can NEVER have enough coffee beans on hand when one is addicted to coffee as I am.
Our oldest child cooked dinner. Steak, baked potatoes, fresh green beans, salad, biscuits. Lucy whipped up a birthday cake. And The Man let me come home and sleep. I have had a wicked headache the past two days. And when they woke me up…dinner was ready and there were MORE GIFTS!

I got the black drover, not the people!

It was a great birthday…I am truly so blessed by all of my family and friends.

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  1. Happy Birthday (a bit late)! Sounds like you had a good one. Except for the headache – those nasty headaches don’t respect special days.I’m glad you’re open about being all about the gifts. I am, too, and my husband, being action-oriented, doesn’t understand it. Sigh. I do know he loves me, and he knows I love him, but our natural love languages are different.

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