Cough. Cough. Ouch.

That’s my life right now. I cough. I hurt. My throat. My chest. Ick.

But I’m not letting it stop my Get My Act Together in 2008. No sirree, Bob. (Who IS Bob, anyway, and we do we always tell him no?)

I worked on the home office on and off all day. And when I wasn’t doing that, I was doing laundry in the basement. And while I was down there, I was also barking orders at our oldest to move this, get this outta here, yadda yadda. He owes me. He’s on MY LIST. His admissions officer at Christopher Newport flat out told him exactly what he needed to do to move from “wait listed” to “accepted”. Good grades for the semester. Period. She flat out wrote it herself on his “wait listed” letter. He pulled a D+ in trig. For the semester. That means two quarters combined and he pulled a D+. He hates math, I get that. But he blew the math SAT away! He is awesome at math. I could strangle him. Still might. In my mind. Oh, all right. I really can’t and won’t even in my mind. But he’s going to pay. Yes sirree, Bob (had to encourage Bob a little). He’s planning on a big old fat beach trip with the boys to Myrtle Beach after graduation. Guess what? No acceptance to CNU…no beach trip. That’s right. You heard me. One must pay for one’s total lazy senioritis, mustn’t one? The original deal was all A’s and B’s this quarter and the next two quarters. He’s blown that, clearly. But his dad, who is all about lettin‘ the boy have some life experiences, really would like to allow him to go to the beach. So, The Man came up with the compromise and I agreed. Because I’m all about submission.

Not sure how I got off on that little rabbit trail. But I feel better after venting a bit.

Also whipped up a batch of these. Minus the nuts. Added chocolate chips. They have been a huge hit wherever I take them. Tonight they are going to Lucy’s volleyball party/sleep over. If they last that long. The dough is good. The cookies are even better.

It was a HUGE mail day for me today. I so look forward to the mail these days. Soon, in about 6 days, I will cross over from 46.9 to 47. And the gifts have started arriving. I’m all about gifts. Have I mentioned that before? It IS my #1, by far, love language. If you haven’t taken the love language test yet, you need to. You and your spouse.

I haven’t opened up any of my cards or gifts yet…but a particularly interestingly feeling one arrived from bff, Joanne. I can’t wait to open it. Not sure I’m going to make it for 6 days. I’m the kid that always dug through the house looking for my Christmas and birthday gifts. My mom finally gave up hiding them and just left them sitting on her closet floor in bags and told me to ruin the surprise if I wanted to…it was up to me. Talk about a let down. The best part is the hunt! After that, I was no longer interested in snooping for my gifts. Christmas has never been the same!

Cough. Cough. Ow.

My Home Girl bff‘s are taking me to dinner to my absolutely fave restaurant, Mike’s. For Lobster Bisque. And whatever else I want. I hope we can all go. We haven’t all gotten together in ages. I’ll take my camera and share pics. Have I mentioned that the youngest kid’s birthday is the day before mine? The year he was born, was the my best birthday. Hands down. Third child. Had the hospital wing ALL TO MYSELF. My bff, Beth, was working and she called all the nurses off me and told them that I would call them if I needed anything. So it was just me and the new kid for 48 wonderful hours. It was incredible. He’s still my favorite. Don’t tell the others. Of course I tell ALL of them they are My Favorite.

I’m absolutely flooded with tea. This is my favorite tea.

Ehv-er. I’ve had so much today that I had to switch to decaf Lipton because I’m afraid I’ll be awake all night from the caffeine.

Spiritual Stuff: Go here and partake of this.

God (through Beth) is hammering from two sides lately. David: 90 Days with a Heart Like His and Stepping Up. Before I begin each morning, I ask God to give me understanding and to show me His Rhema. The Rhema He has just for me. And let me tell you…He really has done it. It’s been so convicting. But so wonderful. I’m looking forward to it everyday. I’m going back over it every morning. I’m journaling and re-reading. I’m loving it. My point would be to definitely stop and ask Him to speak to you every time you read your bible, every time you have a quiet time with Him, every time you begin to journal.

That’s it for now, girls. I love you and I am so thankful for each and every one of you!

2 thoughts on “Cough. Cough. Ouch.

  1. Alrighty girl…email me your address QUICK! I need to get in on the b-day celebration and FAST!🙂 And if you get it BEFORE your bday…go ahead and open it!

  2. Happy Birthday~The motto around our house has become “We will not care more than they care.” The motto came about because we stressed ourselves out “helping” our kids with school. I’m praying for you, Susan, that your young man will care for himself to do what he needs to do to get into school and for you, that you can let the chips fall into God’s hands.Blessings,Kathy

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