For the love of coffee.

Morning would not be the same without a cup of coffee. I’ve given up trying to give it up, rationalize it, and/or pretend coffee doesn’t exist.

Coffee, it appears, is here to stay.

I suppose I would not struggle so much with my love of coffee if it weren’t for the sugar (raw, thank you) and half and half (confession: in the winter I switch to whipping cream). If  could drink my cup of joe straight up, I wouldn’t have such guilt, I am sure.

But the half and half and sugar (raw, thank you) are what makes getting up in the morning worth it. I seriously have tried to give up the sugar. I’ve also switched to a sugar substitute. GAG. And, if you think I am going to give up my half and half (or winter whipping cream), well, that is just ridiculous and cannot and will not be considered. Coffee is caramel colored…period. And without the liquid white deliciousness…I’m at a total loss for words just trying to imagine it.

I will do just about anything for a good cup of coffee in the morning. Like, get out of a toasty, warm, cat snuggling bed, no matter how little sleep I have had.

My Man does not “do coffee.” When asked at a restaurant if he would like coffee, he will always wrinkle his nose and snarl out of one side of his mouth, “I don’t drink that stuff.” Like they are offering him panda urine. His momma clearly didn’t teach him any manners as a simple, “no, thank you” would suffice. Which I have been known to remind him of. Loudly.

Our boys and the girl will, however, partake of the coffee, on occasion. My Girl…a huge coffee lover… usually has a cup every morning. She is like her momma…sugar (raw, thank you) and half and half, or better yet, Winter Whipping Cream (notice how it has grown in stature throughout this post). At restaurants, she will nudge me under the table and stage whisper, “COFFEE???” while nodding her head. As if I need to be convinced.

Prior to any family tradition morning outing…tree farm, road trip, church…we always make a stop at The *$. It’s, well, part of the tradition. Weekend mornings, as a rule, My Man heads out to get his beloved wife a Venti Bold. And nothing, not sleet, nor wind, nor gloom of night, will keep him from his assignment. In fact, the sleetier and gloomier, the more cheerful he is about heading out. We have four four-wheel-drive vehicles and the opportunity to actually use the four-wheel-drive is an opportunity too good to miss.

My obsession love of coffee is well known throughout the land. For Christmas I received, no lie, 5 pounds of Christmas Blend and $200 in *$ gift cards. Bless you people for knowing what a girl needs loves! As of this morning, one day short of a month out from Christmas Day, mind you, I have half a pound of Christmas Blend left. I do have gift card money left, but not a whole lot. I transfer all of the gift card money over to my Starbucks iPhone app which in turn adds it to my Gold card and I am racking up the points and getting free drinks regularly. Again, thank you people who appreciate my coffee loving self.

Clearly, I’ll not be giving up my coffee anytime soon, but I have been toying around with the idea of limiting my coffee intake to just one cup each morning. Who am I kidding? That’s never gonna happen.

Love you guys. And keep those *$ gift cards coming!

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