Procrastination Alert.

I’m procrastinating. By writing a post for La Blawg. I’m just too comfy to get on with what I need to (have to) do. The fireplace is on; the mantel clock is ticking (rather loudly). The mantel clock, by the way, not only ticks loudly, it gongs very loudly. It is driving My Man insane. I packed it up several years ago because I got tired of battling him about it. I would come down in the morning and it wouldn’t be ticking. I would wind it up and it wouldn’t wind. Come to find out, My  Man was stopping it before he went to bed so that the gonging wouldn’t wake him up. I get that. Whenever I go to my parent’s house, the cuckoo has to be locked in because I’m not used to the noise and it wakes me up. Every 30 minutes. I try to explain to my husband that he will get used to it if he just waits a night or two. After that, sheer exhaustion kicks in, he sleeps and we never need discuss it again.

Tonight, I am winding up the small mantel clock in the dining room. I mean, let’s really do this thing.

I haven’t been sleeping well either. But it’s not because of the clock. Today My Girl and I are hitting the gym after she is done teaching preschool. I’ve been a slacker the last week so I am ready to jump back in today. Hopefully, the New Year’s Resolution gym rats have given up on their hopes and dreams for 2013 and  are lounging on their sofas in their yoga pants with a donut. Oh. Wait. That was me yesterday. But not today! Back at it. With renewed energy and commitment and fortified with oatmeal and freshly juiced juice concoctions that most certainly contain ample amounts of kale, thanks to my friend and neighbor, Mrs. D.

Speaking of cleaning, what does this look like to you?

I’ll tell you what it is: it is Jack getting up on Blue Beauty during the night. Today, BB will get a good vacuuming and tonight she will be covered with laptops (we have five in the house these days) or an old sheet. Not sure which yet.

Having all of the children home these days is turning out to be quite…interesting. I find that I am repeating common phrases from when they were littles: “be nice to your sister;” “don’t leave your cup sitting there; put it in the dishwasher;” and my personal favorites, “please flush the toilet” and “your underwear doesn’t belong there.” Just so there is no doubt, all of these comments were directed to a man child. My Girl isn’t around long enough each day to warrant many chastisements.

That’s about all I can come up with this morning to save myself from getting on with the cleaning. Time to dive in. After I fix and eat breakfast. Also, I am sure there is laundry that needs to be started. And, hey! I haven’t watched Downton from Sunday night yet…

Love you guys.

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