The Sun.

Sunshine streaming through the glass on a cold, January morning is Da Bomb, don’t get me wrong. But, after several weeks, could be months for all I know…I’ve lost so much time being SAD, of gloomy darkness, the sun, enlightening the dust, dog fur, oh and look! there’s a Starbucks cup on the floor…is not making me happy.

I have to admit though, that this day started off well and I’m not going to let a little laziness lack of time to clean ruin it. The Big (Graduate and now Coaching) Boy was in ultra stealth mode when he headed out early this morning for baseball practice with the Mt. Vernon Varsity, JV and Freshmen teams and wannabes. We never heard him. Which is saying a lot since he is a big guy and we live in a house full of wonderfully old and creaky wood floors and stairs. The cats cannot go up and down the basement stairs without us hearing them. My Girl is at Massanutten for the weekend. The Wild Boy is at DNow all weekend, including sleeping at host homes. Of which we are not one. In fact, I didn’t sign us up for a single duty (just for you, Jenny A.) for DNow. It’s just the man and I home right now and he just handed me a steaming Starbucks Venti Bold and a warmed up apple fritter. This is the life, people.

Speaking of DNow. Last night we took the boy up to drop him off. You would be able to pick him out because he was the tall kid with the ratty old pillow without a pillow case on it *sigh*. I didn’t want to leave; not because of him, but because there was a festive mood amongst all of the parents dropping their youth off, and the leaders and youth greeting each other. We have a handful of our own youth who have come back this weekend to be DNow leaders. I truly love that about our church. We grow them; we send them out to be leaders; they come back and lead and inspire and grow the next generation in their own church. One of our (My Man and my) favorites is Steve Able. Steve was brought to Christ on the basketball court by the founding Pastor of our church. Steve is now in leadership with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and while he wasn’t able to pull our older two children into FCA, the Wild Boy is a leader with FCA and loves. it. Steve has come back and preached at our church and I always feel like a proud momma when he does.

In case you couldn’t tell…this post is like one of my random list posts, except today I felt like including all the filler and smoothing words and lingo.

I am still using the excuse feeling the impact from my three weeks of illness prior to Christmas. I just cannot catch up! Never mind the condition of my house, I still have not settled into a routine; I haven’t written any Christmas thank you notes (actually I’ve written several but they are not in envelopes yet); there is still Christmas stuff out and every time I look at it I think, “what in the heck am I going to do with this stuff?” and I keep walking. I do spend inordinate amounts of time on Pinterest planning and decorating and painting. In my head and on paper. Is anyone else having the same problem of settling into the New Year? I can’t be the only one!

I’ve been a slacker at the gym. By not going regularly. So frustrating. I am a work-out-in-the-morning-or-it-won’t-happen kind of girl. All of the New Year’s Resolution people are still hanging in there and the gym is crowded and it makes me really grumpy and irritated so, when I have gone, I usually hit the treadmill only and then leave. It’s just too crowded over at the free-weights, which is my true love. People don’t understand the rules of the gym. You don’t grab every weight and ball and mat that you are going to use during your entire workout; you use one thing at a time and then put it back. I’m not just using my frustration as an excuse to not work out since I’ve been using our free weights in the basement instead. So there.

Took the Wild Boy to the orthopedic surgeon yesterday afternoon for a follow-up appointment. He’s still having shoulder pain and “apprehension”…which is the feeling that if he uses his injured right arm, he will dislocate it again. It’s not an imaginary feeling, apparently it is a real thing. The body’s way of telling the mind not to push the arm. Fascinating, no? In any case, we are on for shoulder surgery February 12. His arm will be completely immobile for 3-4 weeks and around 6 weeks he will begin to use it again, physical therapy, etc. He was sternly warned that this injury repair is a long-term recovery and he has to do exactly as the doc tells him. That’s perfect since the Wild Boy is exactly like his mother and is such a rule follower. *ahem* I’m thankful we are getting it repaired but I’m pretty sure I will be complaining about his recovery. A lot.

Speaking of complaining a lot…this is my birthday month and while it’s not a stand-out-birthday-number it is rather annoying to officially be a couple years into 50. Or half a century as my youngest likes to tell everyone, especially me. At this age, birthdays are just annoying. Except for the gifts. Big numbers equal big gifts. It’s the law. I’ve put enough hints out there to my family so I’m hoping for some cool stuff. Oh, yeah…it’s the Wild Boy’s birthday month also. He is turning 17. Whatever.

Just kidding about the “whatever.” We are all about the gifts in this family. Because the momma is blessed with the giving and receiving of gifts as her number one Love Language. The Wild Boy is getting some awesome gifts for his 17th birthday. It truly is just as fun for me to pick out and give gifts as it is to receive gifts. Okay, almost as much fun. I’m all about being real here.

This photo totally captures our house this morning…two dead ducks on the living room floor…Dwight the Fourth on the left and Quackers the First on the right. And if you look closely, you can see the dead Starbucks cup under the snack tray.

Guess what I’m doing today?

Love you guys.

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  1. I was just thinking I should work out also, as I have been very slacking in that arena. Thanks for the prodding. I think I'll go borrow my neighbor's dog and take him for a run/stop/run/stop/run/stop. 😉

    May the peace of Christ be with your spirit, dear one.

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