A list. You’re welcome.

1. I cannot be trusted to cook or bake anything if NCIS is on the telly. Flames, smoke and explosions have been known to occur. More than once.

2. Gas dryer’s cost about $100 more than electric dryers. Either way, a lot of cash especially right after Christmas.

3. It’s scary when your husband decides to save an additional $150 and install said gas dryer himself. Thankfully, he has done it before. But still scary.

4. So far, Physical Therapy isn’t helping the Wild Boy’s shoulder tear. We have a last minute appointment with the surgeon this Friday. We are on the schedule for shoulder surgery February 12. I am already a wreck worrying and stressing about it. I wasn’t this way when My Girl had her knee surgery. At that time, there were six grandchildren. Since her surgery, we have lost Andy and while his death had nothing to do with surgery, well, I don’t need to say anything else, I’m sure.

5. Writing is on my mind. Just received this book yesterday. This book is “out for delivery today.” I love Amazon.com. Thank you to all of you who encouraged me to join Amazon Prime. (I always think Optimus Prime…name that movie.) I have been taking advantage of that free, two-day shipping.

6. Going back to #3 above, My Man just called me down to check out the new dryer. Which was running. I walked up and said, “I smell gas.” He says, “impossible…we checked all the connections.” I stepped back, gesturing like Vanna. He walked up, leaned over and says, “Hunh. I smell gas.” Okay, at this point, I’m ready to open all the windows, doors, shut the dryer off and shut down the gas line. He says, “Nah. Tell Brett to come down here with the dish soap.” *please know as I’m typing this I have 9-1-1 typed into my iPhone keyboard and all I need to do is press SEND*

7. My Girl and I had breakfast together this morning at iSkip (IHOP, for those that don’t get the Wheeler/Smith humor). When we are together, she and I do not have awkward periods of silence. In fact, just the opposite. We are quite chatty when we are together. This morning, My Girl proceeded to share with me some things that she realized she is struggling with and has been chatting with God about. If I typed out these “struggles” here, those that have known me longer than the last few years would recognize them as my own struggles. I am no longer surprised by this phenomenon…My Girl so closely walking in my shadow. A few years ago, when I was still shocked by this cloning, a wise friend pointed out that my having gone on before has helped My Girl get through this earlier in her life, more quickly and less scarred. I do have sympathy for her, but I celebrate that she. gets. it. God is so faithful and cool.

(A fave pic of My Girl and I)

8. A bizarre thing happened as we were leaving the iSk, er…IHOP. It was raining when we walked out chatting, of course. As I rounded the back of the truck, Sarah was getting into her X-terra next to me. I heard her say something and I peered through the truck cab to see a funny look on her face as she jumped into her driver’s seat. I looked back over my shoulder, between our two vehicles, and saw a man standing there. He was looking straight at me through the back of the cab window: wild-eyed, wet, hair all shaggy, and a scary look on his face. I looked back to Sarah and she was motioning “let’s get outta here” and I turned around again and the man was…gone. I looked all over…didn’t see him anywhere. She backed out and then I backed out and suddenly, seriously, suddenly he was standing next to my window, hand held out, a few pennies and a nickel in his palm. I have to admit, I was pretty freaked out by this time. I kinda floored it and got around him and when I looked back…you guessed it: gone. Seriously. Gone. I was pretty shaky getting home. Sarah pulled in behind me and we went into the house. As I was taking off my coat, it occurred to me what might have happened. It was an angel. Had to be. The more I think of it, though, I’m not convinced it was a good angel. In any case, I was glad I was there with her when we ran into him today. I also wish I had not been so freaked out and had given him some change. Next time, I won’t be so caught off guard. Don’t believe in angels? I do.

9. The dryer is working great, by the way. No smell of gas anymore. Proud of My Man for getting the job done. Been doing laundry all day to catch up.

10. Last, but not least, a dear friend has joined the blogging world. Check her out here and leave her some love. Please.

Love you guys.

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  1. Everytime I see this pic of you and Sarah I think how beautiful she is and how blessed you are!

    And I'd like to mention when my hubby and I were first married I was always waiting for the house to burn down or the pipes to burst because he ALWAYS did the electrical and plumbing work in our houses and our renovation projects. Scared is not a bad thing!

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