Four days into Twenty-Thirteen.

Also known as January 4, 2013. So far I have totally blown New Year Non-resolution #1: no new books in 2013 has turned into, “I just need these last few to get me through the year.” Cuz I don’t have enough books that I’ve never read in any of the book shelves, baskets and stacks in the bedroom and living room. And dining room. So I’ve revised that New Year Non-resolution from No New Books in 2013 to No New Books in February-December 2013. January will be a book-buying-free-for-all because that is how I roll. All or nothing, baby.

Back in the day when I had three children in the Fairfax County Public School system, our morning routine was, as you would expect in my household, wild and crazy and never routine. Except for departure. Each child had a ritual they clung to when leaving the house. (I would like to insert right here, before I forget, that The Wild Boy, being the spoiled-rotten much-loved third child that he is, NEVER rode a bus to school after 8th grade…he has always been driven or has driven. Just thought you would be shocked (not) to learn this.) The Wild Boy, when younger, always gave hugs and kisses when he left for school. That was quickly replaced with a snarl (or grunt, on a good day) and the door slamming. And that remains his ritual through today. Literally, today.

My Girl, always our cheery, woke up singing child turned girl-child full of teenage angst at the age of 16, always said goodbye when she left for school. Not always in a pleasant tone or with any sort of affection, but goodbye, nonetheless. Almost always with a “love you, mom!”

Then there is The Big (Graduate) Boy. He being the favorite according to his less loved siblings always stood at the kitchen door and shouted out, “I’m leaving!” And then would wait until I responded, “okay! Have a great day! Love you!” (For the record, I said LOVE YOU! to all three of my monkeys before they left for school.) If, for whatever reason, I didn’t respond he would yell a little louder, “MOM?! I’m LEAVING NOW” and would wait for me to give the required, “Okay! Have a great day! I Love you!” before he would leave.

Well, this morning, The Big (Graduate) Boy, headed off to school for his first day (as a substitute teacher.) I was upstairs in the office reading blogs working and I heard him holler out, “Okay, I’m going to go ahead and go so I can stop at 7-11 for a bottle of water.” And I waited…and was rewarded. “Mom?! I’m going!”

“Okay, honey…have a great day!”

And, oh yeah, “I love you!”

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