Some observations.

Just a fancy way to say, A List.

1. The wreath hanging on the mirror in the living room above the fireplace still smells heavenly, and it has been there since the day after Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, because it does hang above the fireplace and the fireplace has been used almost every day since then, it is getting a tad brownish. Sponge Bob and Patrick are still hanging out in the middle of the wreath, by the way. I reminded the Man this weekend that my charity in this regard was pushed to the limits this year and to expect no such largesse next year.

2. I am loving my brass angels on the mantel. They were my mom’s and came from Turkey. I might leave them there after I take the rest of the Christmas stuff down. The three Nutcrackers definitely have to go. They give me the creeps. Katie gave each of the children one years ago and it is one of the first things The Big (Graduate) Boy pulls out of boxes first.

3. While I am anxious for everything to be packed up and put away, I am sorely lacking in the motivation to actually have to be the one to do it. The boys did the first half of their part: all of the boxes are back down from the attic and are at my disposal.

4. Sadly, I stopped them all from helping me undecorate yesterday because I wanted to “sort, purge and organize.”

5. What was I thinking?

6. For Christmas, I purchased each of the kids a new devotional book: Live Second. You can find out more about the I Am Second project here. I also bought a copy for myself. I haven’t seen my copy since before Christmas, however. Yesterday I searched for it and never found it. I thought this morning that I would grab The Wild Boy’s copy and read today’s devotion and, of course, put his copy back on his desk. When I went into his room and found the book, it had a pencil stuck in it. Clue number one that he might actually be using it. I opened it up and there is writing on Day 1 and Day 2; yesterday and today. As soon as I saw writing, I snapped the book shut. After all, haven’t I beaten drilled into them that my journaling is sacred and private and should be destroyed UNREAD following my demise? Writing in devotionals, in my book, counts as journaling. The fact that he is actually using his devotional book is not lost on me. I tossed up a thankful prayer that he is continuing to seek to grow in Christ and I’m excited for the man He is making him.

7. So I had to find another devotional to use this morning. I had just put away my copy of Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young but saw one of her other books, Jesus Lives, sitting on top of one of my book baskets, so I grabbed it. God so knew what He was doing by not allowing me to find Live Second. Clearly, He had a message for me with the first two devotions in Jesus Lives: God’s love and laying down my life for those I love; and Joy and rejoicing. I could still be journalling about both devotions. Also felt a couple blog posts could evolve from my journalling. You’ll be the first to know.

8. I set my iPhone alarm this morning to get up at six to do what I needed to do and get to the gym before seven. Five a.m. to seven a.m. is already crowded at the gym and I know that for the first few weeks, while folks are still basking in the New Year’s Eve Resolution high, it would be even more packed and, most likely, packed during my usual time of seven to eight-fifteen. Normally it is pretty cleared out during that time of the morning with all the work folks been and gone and the stay at home moms not having gotten their darlings off to school yet. I forgot to check the volume on the alarm and I slept right on through til seven. Which has totally turned my day upside down.

9. I am thinking I need to tweak my morning schedule, in any case. I’ve pretty much sat in front of the fireplace since I got up, with coffee in hand, journaling and now blogging and I haven’t even read through my bible study material yet. Two hours of the morning already gone and I am way behind.

10. I know it will all work out…starting a new year is always a challenge in scheduling. Did y’all make any New Year’s Resolutions? Change in scheduling? Goals?

Time to get moving. Love you guys. Chat soon!

2 thoughts on “Some observations.

  1. Do NOT put your Christmas decorations away yet! There are twelve days of Christmas and they START on Christmas Day. It is still Christmas until 6 January! Then you can put things away. (Actually, we are still “celbrating” the Nativity on 2 February when we remember Jesus being presented in the temple on his eighth day) Do not be sucked in by the secular world! Remember how the church has historically remembered the great feasts of the Church year. And then keep them! Be not conformed to this world…..


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