Monday Morning Randomness.

1. It is official. I have sneezed more in the year 2013 than in my entire life. What is up with all the wicked illness going around this year?

2. This morning, I dumped the last of the Starbucks Christmas Blend into the coffee filter. Let’s pause for a moment of silence…

3. In other news, today I am going to Starbucks and getting a couple pounds of this yummy deliciousness.

4. I have too much stuff. I realized it while cleaning this weekend. Usually, I move stuff from one place to another. I have now officially run out of “another” places. Not sure which room I will tackle first, but something is getting purged today.

5. In two days, my baby turns 17. I am at a loss for words regarding this turn of events.

6. Speaking of loss for words…Downton. That’s all I’m going to say about that. Except that I watched Season 3 while it was also airing in the UK, thanks to the wonders of technology, and I stopped watching the rest of the season after this particular episode aired. I was that mad. I might skip over this episode on the DVR.

7. Also, this is on its way to my house and should be delivered tomorrow.

8. Early this morning, unable to sleep, I was thinking of a few things that have been bothering me lately. I am having some struggles with a few people in my life and, after a bit of reflection, I realized that we all have stuff in our lives that has happened to us. Things that we keep hidden, or suffer in silence or maybe even something that everyone knows, to our shame. And if I gave you my stuff and you gave me your stuff, we would probably very quickly switch back. I remember each of our children coming home one day, upset about an incident that happened at school. Usually involving a child who was a bully or who had said hurtful things. While we sympathized with our own child’s hurt, we also very quickly reminded them to think of the other child and what might be going on in their life that caused them to act in a hurtful way, physically or verbally. The same is true with us adults. The same compassion I tried to cultivate in my own children needs to be shown by me. It was definitely an “ouch” moment, this morning.

9. My self-imposed book ban of 2013 is quickly approaching. If you recall, I had decided my New Year’s Non-resolution would be to purchase no new books in 2013. Well, that lasted about 12 hours into January 1. So I revised my non-resolution to begin on February 1. And yes, I have been in a book buying frenzy ever since. My husband, or maybe it was his clone, my oldest son, pointed out (from a great physical distance, I might add) that I might have more room if I got rid of at least one of my book shelves. I contemplated the wisdom of this suggestion for a half a nano second before totally dismissing it. I do think I am done purchasing books, but am open to any and all suggestions of any books y’all think I must have to get me through the rest of the year. Contact me immediately with your suggestions!

10. While watching the clock last night, waiting to see if Mr. Soon-to-turn-17 would blow curfew, I heard the fox out back. If you have never heard a fox “talking” at night, it sounds like a baby crying or screaming. Always gives me shivers when I hear it. We have noticed that since Jack Bodacious adopted us, we only hear the fox out back when Chloe is outside at night. During these night time escapades of hers, we refer to her as “Fox Bait.” I got up shortly before midnight and opened the door and called for her and she didn’t show up to come in. But, after The Wild Boy got home, I heard her attacking her food bowl and a short while later, she jumped up on our bed to snuggle in for the night. I seem to be the only one ever concerned about her not returning home. Well, me and Nana. This is a picture of her this morning, looking none the worse for her late night adventure.

Love you guys. Stay warm and healthy! And keep your germs to yourself, please.

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  1. Books are good, but only if you READ them!!! Get rid of the ones you keep saying “I'm going to read that”. If you haven't read it by now, it's not going to happen. And, if by some weird chance you finish all the books you SERIOUSLY want to read and have nothing new at all then you can get the book again. Someday your pile of books is going to fall and hurt you. 😀

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