Sixteen Candles aka It’s Your Birthday.

If you are a music hound, like me, you sang “sixteen candles” and rapped, “it’s your birthday” when you read the title of today’s post. It’s okay if you didn’t, but we Smith’s are bona fide music-addicted, each and every one of us, so I keep singing and rapping the title. In my head, of course, because out loud would just be weird. I know My Man will sing/rap the title when he gets around to reading this post. Out loud. And it won’t be weird. He sings constantly. If there is no real song to sing, he might randomly sing whatever it is he is wanting to say. And, not as randomly, he will make up his own words to a real tune just to annoy me be able to sing. It’s not weird anymore at all. You are so welcome for that little rabbit trail beginning of this post.

So, yesterday was my birthday. I’ve always been a big fan of the birthday. I mean, hellooooo…gifts. Lest y’all think I am greedy, selfish and materialistic (okay, maybe that last one…and probably the one in the middle) but not greedy; definitely not the greedy. Wait. Where was I? Oh, lest y’all think I am greedy; I am not. When I express my love of all things gifts, allow me to clarify: it’s not the size of the gift, it’s the thought behind the gift. Sure, some of you snorted just then and maybe even muttered an expletive. But, it’s true.

This morning, I am sitting on Blue Beauty, the fireplace is burning. It is actually snowing/sprinkling/doing something outside and the house is quiet and still and warm and cozy. It is 5:15 am on a Friday, after all. My Man has headed off to the gym and work; the kitties have been fed and the darlings are still asleep and Jack didn’t even look up from under his “go to bed” spot under the counter in the kitchen when I went in to make the coffee. I have one little section of Blue Beauty to snuggle into because the rest of the sofa…I love that word, sofa…so softer and more old-fashioned than couch…is covered in boxes and bags and gifts and cards. I’ll give you a brief run down on some of the contents of said bags and boxes beginning with the Kelly Moore camera bag. My Man has been trying to get me one of these for the last two years. The one I wanted, which is clearly a popular choice, has always been on back order. He thought ahead this year and ordered early…back in October and it was on back order.  But arrived in time for my birthday. It is lovely. And, it is definitely not something I would have spent the money on for myself. Surprisingly, however, My Man thought I wanted to use it as a purse. It is huge. I totally wanted it for the DSLR and gear. Learning about and using the Nikon is on my unspoken, non-New Year’s Resolutions. I have no excuses now that I have this gorgeous camera bag to carry everything in.

Also on the sofa, is a whole lot of purple. Purple gift bags, purple tissue paper, a purple hair straightener, purple nail polish, purple card envelopes…you get the idea. *When my KM camera bag arrived, the box contained a thank you note and on the front of the note was a purple camera bag…it was all I could do not to pack my bag up and send it back to exchange it, but walnut is a better choice, or so I keep telling myself. Seriously, this purple camera bag…swoon.*

I have digressed, shockingly enough. One of my favorite gifts was a visit from my Same Birth Day buddy, Thomas. Thomas turned 10 yesterday whilst I turned…um…older. He and I have shared birthday gifts with each other for a number of years now and it is now my favorite birthday tradition. Thomas is shy and kind of quiet and just The Sweetest. I would love to hug and smooch on him, but that is just not his thing, which is totally okay. But, it does make me want to hug and smooch on him more. This year, Thomas gave me the coolest gifts. Because he (his momma) knows how much I love the beach, he gave me two beachy magnets for the supply cabinet that sits next to my desk at church. And, because he (his momma) read on my facebook page one day that I am currently obsessed with boots and “don’t send Starbucks cards, send boot money,” he gave me $10 in Boot Bucks. I mean, seriously…Thomas is soooooo crafty and smart!

 (please notice the (me) under From: Thomas”…to die for!)

It’s not all about the material gifts, either. One of  the best parts of my birthday was spending the afternoon with My Girl and a special surprise guest, getting spa pedicures. For two hours we sat in the pedi chairs laughing and chatting and catching up. It was heavenly. And, while sitting in the heated, vibrating, rolling pedi spa chair, The Big Boy sent me this picture with the caption: “Why I should never bake.” Classic. And for the record…the cake tasted wonderful.

*Does everyone else include the pedi technician in on your conversations and show them the photos you are showing each other on your smart phones? No? Oh. Never mind…me neither…* 

My point is that I want to dispel the negative connotations associated with having gifts as your number one love language. I also love to give gifts. Even though it is “always better to receive than to give.” That is the quote, right? Just kidding with y’all. But receiving is pretty daggone fun. From camera bags to bags of dark chocolate to sweet nightlights…each gift is loved and appreciated.

I think I just might leave everything sitting here for a few days…to remind me, once again, how stinkin’ blessed I am and also to keep Jack Bodacious off the Blue Beauty. I am all about practicalities.

Love you guys. Tomorrow I will address my recent, several day, absence from facebook…

One thought on “Sixteen Candles aka It’s Your Birthday.

  1. You'd better address the absence. I was worried about you! I think I do that more now after Jeffrey's death than I used to. Poor Matthew…I bug him a lot if I haven't heard from him in a few days. But, I digress…

    I actually posted on Jenny's and your Dad/Mom's page and attempted to tweet you (I'm a Twitter idiot). Barry Smith emailed me and asked if I knew where you were.

    Okay, enough about your absence. I'm glad you had a FABULOUS birthday, and I LOVE the cake. It shows such love!



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