Why am I on Facebook, anyway?

I’m sure y’all are even more convinced than ever that I am greedy and self-centered after my birthday post. I’m not, but I can see how you could have been thrown off by all the gift love I expressed. Just who I am, baby.

But today, I’m here to talk about something way more important: Facebook. I’m a huge fan of technology. I’ve tried to convince my parents to text. Their 1988 flip phones don’t accommodate it. At least they each have a cell phone. They are on Facebook, which I considered a huge victory. Mom resisted for awhile. Now she’s hooked like the rest of us. There are a lot of Twitter hold outs in my life. *need I even point out that my parents are not on The Twitter…neither is my sister…and by the way, one of my nieces won’t accept my follow request on The Twitter. I’m not going to point out which one, but she has a twin named Courtney* I actually love Twitter. I described it to one of my faves as “hit and run Facebook.” He will be 40 this year and just doesn’t get the Twitter thing. My husband, by the way, doesn’t “do Facebook” and says, “what is Twitter.” *sigh*

I love technology and social media is just, well, fun. I have some amazing friends that I’ve met through social media. Blogging, mostly. Heart kind of friends that I have never met in person. It used to be kind of weird. Now I talk about them as if we are In Real Life bff’s. I love the contact with them, seeing their pictures, praying for them, texting, phone calls, all. of it. This is what draws me to social media. The interaction; the connection; the fun.

And that is where I struggle. When it no longer is “fun.” I don’t have a problem with agenda-type Facebook pages. I don’t have to “like” them; I don’t have to read the posts in my feed. I think Facebook, and social media in general, is the growing avenue to get the word out about issues, as well as advertising businesses. But, I don’t want that in my interaction with my “friends.” Honestly, we all have an agenda about something, at any given time. I sure as heck have an opinion about everything. I do my best, however, not to shove it down someones throat. Unless they ask. Then it’s Game On. As a rule, I stay out of political, religious, gun-control, abortion, etc., discussions and have been known to unfriend a person or two who always seem to be posting about an emotionally-charged issue. Maybe it is because I do not like confrontation. Period.

I’m also not a fan of a Facebook friend’s friend, who has no idea who I am, what my background is, etc., jumping on me for a comment I made to MY Facebook friend. Especially a, “I’m sure you meant to say…” comment. Wow. Presumptuous, much?

So, I got tired of it and deactivated my Facebook account for a time to regroup my thoughts on exactly why I am on Facebook. I unliked and unfriended and changed a whole lot of settings when I came back on. Also did the same on my Twitter account. I’ve been hanging out more over on The Twitter this week and will probably continue to do so.

Really, it comes down to this. For me, and I am only speaking for me…I love that you have the right to do whatever you want with social media, for me, though, I want it to be fun and personal. Frankly, there is enough drama and controversy in my life without my having to be a regular part of it on Facebook.

Love you guys.

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