It’s Thursday and it’s random.

I love Thursday. It's so...random. It's not Sunday...the Sabbath; it's not Monday...the beginning of the work week; it's not Tuesday...catch up day; it's not Wednesday...hump day. It's not Friday...the end of the work week/beginning of the weekend. It's not Saturday...the weekend. See? Totally Random, is our Thursday. Perfect for putting down the often useless, always [...]


I have always been a hoarder collector of fine things stuff. I love knick knacks. I love collections of anything: buttons, ornaments, seashells, dishes, books (oh my word...the books!). If an emotional and/or family attachment is added to it...I will hold on for dear life.As you can imagine, the above addiction leads to clutter. Lots [...]

If it’s Saturday…

Well, it's Saturday and we are NOT in Dumfries. Woo-hoo!We are officially on "stand down." At Greensprings today (Jackson Court, for those who know anything about GS), Grandad signed the contract for his 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath apartment. Move in date is December 30; earlier if his apartment is ready (new carpet, floors, counters, paint, [...]