News of the *Smith* World.

  • The truck has had a short in the dash panel for the last few months. Finally have it figured out and getting it fixed today. I have mixed feelings about it. Since I couldn’t see what speed I was driving at night, I could legitimately say, “but officer! See? My dashboard isn’t lit up so I didn’t know how fast I was driving.” On the other hand, when The Big Boy would drive the truck at night (he comes home from Longwood today!), usually with me riding shotgun, he would drive like a great-great-granny since he couldn’t see the actual speed. Since his usual granny-speed driving drove me crazy, this drove me insane
  • It is Saturday and we are going to Dumfries today. I’m procrastinating taking a shower in order to procrastinate having to leave. I have so much stuff to do at my own home, one would think I would be working on what I need to get done here, instead of typing a blog post. Umm…yeah.
  • The sunrises this week have been stunning. I cling to them for a number of reasons. One: I’m usually awake for them these days, so they are like an old friend I meet for coffee every morning. Two: they are a promise of a new day; a new beginning. Three: I like to think that God knows how much I love them and so He puts on a really big show for me some mornings. Four: this has been a really crappy week and I have extra-needed a good sunrise.
  • One of the non-sunrise highlights of my week was Thursday morning small group time with a handful of The Girls. More on all of this will be forthcoming, I would imagine. I hope they all realized that when they signed up for this…I’m a blabber mouth blogger and they will most certainly become fodder for my writing. Without mentioning any names or betraying any confidences, I promise!
  • I can procrastinate no longer. If you think of it, would you  please toss up a prayer for the Smith, Wheeler and Odenthal families? I can speak for all of us and say we are all struggling during this Christmas season, missing our boy, Andy and Katie like crazy.

Love you guys. See y’all soon.

One thought on “News of the *Smith* World.

  1. Holidays and special anniversaries always being out all the memories and it is difficult at best. This year is hard for me. Take a big breath and try to look forward to your future.


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