It’s Thursday and it’s random.

I love Thursday. It’s so…random. It’s not Sunday…the Sabbath; it’s not Monday…the beginning of the work week; it’s not Tuesday…catch up day; it’s not Wednesday…hump day. It’s not Friday…the end of the work week/beginning of the weekend. It’s not Saturday…the weekend. See? Totally Random, is our Thursday. Perfect for putting down the often useless, always aimless thoughts rolling around in my brunette *originally* head.

  • when I am at home, I usually have my bangs up in a big, fat. brown claw clippy. My bangs drive me crazy, yet I continue to ask for them/cut them myself.
  • y’all have seen nothing yet, in the scarf department. 
  • I dump a pile of Tums on my bedside table every night because I often need them during the night and hate fumbling around for the big container in the dark, flipping the top open and dumping them out. Tums are noisy.
  • I am addicted to books; yet, I can’t remember the last time I read a book completely from cover to cover. I have a zillion books currently, “in process.”
  • do y’all know about moleskin? Best thing ever invented if you are a runner or a walker. I always have tender spots on the back of my feet. This stuff is amazing. I’ve heard this stuff is good too for walkers and runners.
  • for those of you with boys, did you teach them to sit down or stand up to pee ?Seriously, this is a big debate in our household of three guys. 
  • it wasn’t until my grandfather passed away…Brett was about 4 years old, Shawn 10 and Sarah 9, that my kids ever saw me cry. Now that’s about all they see me doing.
  • I love about five layers of bedding on top of me. My man does not. Makes for some interesting bedding configurations. He hates the weighed down feeling…I love it. What about y’all?
  • Her Evil Highness has a new game: lying in wait for Tux to come lumbering by…then she pounces on him. He outweighs her by about 5 times over. So he usually swings around, body slams her to the ground and pins her. That’s when she starts screaming like a newborn kitten. He releases her and it begins all over again. All. Night. Long.
  • I met my husband when I was a freshman in high school and he was a junior. We went to different high schools and met through a mutual friend. We did date other people before we married. I so regret telling my children that story. They constantly use it against us, lol.

If you are still reading this, your eyes have surely glazed over by now. Love you guys. See y’all soon.

One thought on “It’s Thursday and it’s random.

  1. I LOVE your “random Thursday” idea. We used to call it “yoyo” as in “You're On Your Own for dinner” when the kids lived here. Now that they are gone, every night is yoyo.

    I am envious re: your scarves. I have some, can't figure out how to wear them, then decide they aren't the right color anyway. Want more, but they'd probably sit in the drawers with the others…..

    I have Vit C gummies on my nightstand. Gummies dont' make noise.

    I don't mind piles of blankets when I first go to sleep; at the beginning they feel cozy. My husband likes the warmth and so piles them on. In the middle of the might I get so hot I am piling covers in the middle of the bed to get them off of me. He gets upset… We need a bigger bed. Probably more than you wanted to know, but, hey, you asked.

    I met my husband at my older sister's wedding when I was 8 and he was 11. (She married his uncle) We lived 500 miles apart and saw each other maybe once a year at joint family get-togethers. We started dating when I was a jr. in high school and he was a freshman in college. And they lived happily ever after….


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