Pretending Not to Hear.

While polishing silver this morning, I…what? You don’t polish your silver every morning???

Me, either.

But when I am stressed, or upset, I clean. And not just the small jobs. When my last grandparent, my beloved Mamie, passed away several years ago, I could not leave this house to head to Roanoke until I had taken every single thing out of Brett’s room, gone through it, and put it back/bagged it up and cleaned his room from top to bottom including closet and windows. I started at 6am and had it all done and back in place AND packed my bag for the trip by noon.


So I was polishing some silver this morning after cleaning the kitchen and I kept giving a little mental shrug. Maybe even a physical shrug.

And I had a pout on.

A thought popped into my head that sometimes when I’m at the office and the Pastor calls my name (our offices are right next to each other) I call back out, “are you calling me?” His response is always, “no…it must be God.” I KNOW it is the Pastor, maybe I’m in the middle of something…maybe I just don’t feel like getting up from my desk, again, and walking in there, maybe…I’m just pretending not to hear.

Like while I was polishing silver this morning and shrugging Him off. And I could hear Travis on my iPod singing, Rescue.

Polishing silver doesn’t save me. Raising my voice to my children certainly doesn’t rescue me. Telling my husband he’s trying to control me doesn’t bring me grace.

I need to stop pretending I don’t hear Him. And let Him come to my rescue.

3 thoughts on “Pretending Not to Hear.

  1. Whoops, that is what happens when you read two at a time…I commented on the wrong topic. Oh, well, you understand me and will figure it out.Love you


  2. There is strange thing going on … whenever I read your blog, I find that our lives are on parallel lines, and sometimes God uses you to tell me what I didn’t hear. 🙂 You get it before I do, but when I read it in black and white, suddenly I GET IT!


  3. I think I need to open my ears up some too and do some listening….I’m off to clean and I’ll see what He says! 🙂Love ya friend~Fran


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