It’s 6:00am on A Saturday as I Write This…

And the house is hopping. There are boys everywhere. Of all shapes and sizes and ages.

Today is Paintball Day.

They’ve been preparing for weeks. This is bigger (and just as expensive) as The Prom.

Cell phones are chirping and ringing…the universal “are you awake…we’re getting ready to head out…you’re still coming, right” calls and tm’s (text messages for you none tm’ers).

The Man (the leader o’ the pack) was the first up. Can I interject for a moment with a tmi moment…do any of you get up and move to another room in the middle of the night because of the noises coming from your spouses nasal passages? I wasn’t mad. I just needed to sleep. So I got up and moved. Thankfully, Brett’s bed was free since he and his paintball buds were asleep on the living room floor.

The the testosterone is flowing…and I mean flowing…lots of yawning, scratching, belching and other disgusting boy noises coming from the main level where they are all congregating. Which is why I’m upstairs in the office blogging.

They will be gone most of the day.

Leaving the girl and I on our own. She has SAT prep class this morning, but then we’ll most likely go out for a yummy, girls only lunch.

In the meantime, I have an exciting moring planned!

Tossing out!

Seriously, Spring is in the air and I am motivated to do all of these things. Especially since I’m just coming off the sick bed.

First I’m going to have some much needed quiet time/bible study catch-up time. Also very motivated to do that.

When you have a moment, pop over and give a shout out to my bff, Joanne. It’s her birthday!

4 thoughts on “It’s 6:00am on A Saturday as I Write This…

  1. Girlfriend…I want to join in on all girl yummyness! Drag that we can’t just transport ourselves. It sounds divine. (I love girl time…Zoe isn’t so much into it yet…it is one thing I am totally going to treasure about her getting bigger! I mean, she likes to have lunch with mom, as long as it includes going somewhere she can get french fries and play on an indoor playscape! Her idea of a great shopping adventure is Walmart toy section!) Anyway, have a great time with Sarah. You are SUCH an awesome Mom! BTW…the boy noises,burping, scratching and other stuff…does THAT get better as they get older? How about the constant facination with ummm, their package? Just needing to know the answers to these questions from a Boy Mom a little further down the path!:)Have a great day!T

  2. Gotta tell ya, this is so foreign to me. I live totally in girl world. Girls at home, girl dog, Girl Scouts, girl sister, girl niece, girl Mom.And while Toben and the cat and my dad are all boys, they’re pretty refined and grown up. It’ll be interesting to see how my nephew turns out as the only little boy in the family–he is, after all, surrounded by girls!JoanneP.S. Thank you for the birthday wishes!

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