Procrastinating Pondering These and Many More Questions.

1. Do you prefer grape JELLY or grape JAM? I prefer Jam. My family prefers jelly. And even though I rarely eat said jam, we usually have jam and not jelly in the house. One of the perks of buying the groceries.

2. Why do boys make competitions out of everything. If one person in our house burps…a burping cacophony can be heard throughout the home. And as I told T this morning, Sarah usually wins.

3. Why can’t children seem to turn their clothes right side out when they take them off? I’ve even tried just washing them that way. They don’t care.

4. Why is that if you leave one piece of paper on the counter and walk away for ten minutes…when you return there are 20 pieces of paper there?

5. Why are tho*gs so popular these days? They are all that my girl will wear. I always found them so uncomfortable and to really get her going, I tell her I end up wearing them every day…they just don’t start OUT as th*ngs.

Okay, I’ve taxed my brain enough this morning, but really…these are the kinds of things I was thinking about and thought I’d get some thoughts from y’all.

4 thoughts on “Procrastinating Pondering These and Many More Questions.

  1. #1. I like the kind that doesn’t have the chunks of fruit in it…so is that jelly or jam? I believe it is jelly. Which I rarely eat anyway. In fact, after I read your email this morning, the one you wrote right after you blew grape jam all over your monitor…I actually felt like having toast with jelly. So I did. No chunks, and all of it stayed in my mouth. I am a quick study…I learned to stay away from my computer whilst eating toast with jelly!#2. I took the boys out to lunch today and shopping for a bit and must have told them 4 or 5 times, “Everything is not a competition!” They argue a ton, mostly it is because one is trying to out do the other. Ug!#3. I have washed kids clothes inside out. I have also washed an ipod, a cell phone and many chap sticks. (I have since learned to check the pockets.)#4. I’ve got nothing on the paper thing. #5. (TMI warning, you might want to put your toast with jam down for a minute…I would hate to be responsible for your computer getting another jam shower!) I have wondered the same thing myself. Those things are horrible. (I am whispering this so no one else hears…commando is the most comfortable…) There was actually a conversation about this on just a girls blog a few weeks back…I chimed in because it is no big secret around here. I hate underware…I only wear them if absolutely necessary. There, now you know a little about me that I am sure you could have lived without. Ok, well that will do it!

  2. Too funny!I can certainly agree on the paper pile issue. Its crazy!My 4 year old daughter can certainly outburp a boy! And.. she also wins when it comes out of the “basement” too!I am hoping my girls will never be interested in the th#ngs. I am pretty sure my oldest won’t like them…she can’t stand bikinis. She’s only 7 (thursday), but likes those big briefs..hehe..Blessings~alyce

  3. Okay, so here’s the deal on #5…you have to try them for two days in a row. Then you’ll be hooked. Really.I mean, really, what’s not to love?! Never again backing up to a wall to adjust things and hoping no one else notices!J.

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