I’m Still Here.

It is Spring Break around here. The Man and I still have to work, but the darlings are off. It’s made me very sleepy. I slept until 9:00 this morning. I never sleep until 9:00. I never sleep until 7:00. It’s been nice getting some sleep (shhh…don’t tell Russell…he still has to get up at 4:45 to go to work). But I feel like I’m getting nothing done. No quiet time, no bible study time, no cleaning. I just get up, fix a cup of coffee and hit the shower before running out the door for work.

Thankfully, I have a very flexible job and don’t have real set hours. Sometimes that’s good. Sometimes not so good.

And, really…all of this sleep has impacted my blogging. I’ve got nothin’. No words of wisdom. No theological revelations. I’m in a sleep-induced-bloggy-stand-still.

I’m still reading everyone else’s blogs…but I’m not coming up with much to say to them, either.

I guess I really AM on Spring Break.

I’ll be back. I suppose. Eventually.

3 thoughts on “I’m Still Here.

  1. Happy Spring Breaking!Get this…our Spring Break starts Friday and goes through the following week…but I still have to babysit. (By the way, I have a new job, I am babysitting for a teacher/friend of mine.) Anyway, next week while my kids are home, I will have to go babysit three days because the friend/teacher teaches in a diferent district. (I can bring them with me.) Anyway, HER Spring Break is in a couple of weeks. So I gat THAT week off! Isn’t THAT fun?! Anyway, have a great spring break girl!

  2. That is exactly what you are supposed to do on Spring break. We are gone and I’m having a hard time putting complete thoughts together…..wherever you are the brain must shut down.Enjoy sister!!

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