It’s Ugly Here in This Girl Land.

My family wants to defect.

Frankly, I can’t blame them. There are moments in time the past couple of days that I would have packed their bags to help them on their way.

This is what happens when I get sick. People want to help me. I hate that. I want to be sick ALONE. Just bring me some ice chips in a cup now and then but otherwise…I’m GOOD.

I got kinda cranky about it.

What I really needed them to do was to just keep the house running while I was down and out. You know…just load their dirty dishes in the dishwasher, maybe put their dirty clothes down the laundry shoot and toss a load or two of laundry in. That sort of thing.

There was none of that.

It turned really ugly yesterday. I had everyone moving and shaking. And it was good people. Things got done. Oh…I had to raise my voice a lot, but they knew I meant business.

Did I mention that while I was sick I couldn’t take my sweet little chill pills that just take the edge off the stress that my 47-year-old-hormonal-nightmare-producing-body has kicked into overdrive the last couple of years?

So really, my poor family was dealing with an unmediated, premenopausal, fever fatigued, food starved psychotic woman.

I’ll be apologizing a lot to my poor family over the next couple of days. But in the meantime, my house sure does look good.

2 thoughts on “It’s Ugly Here in This Girl Land.

  1. I blew it this week too…different circumstance but MAN, I blew my top. I totally, stinking, in every ugly way, blew it. (And I don’t have any chill pills that I was missing) With my kids. Because they were fighting. And hurting eachother. (It is still a source of contention, I am still not sure how to deal with it.)Anyway, one thing I was thinking about in the midst of it was how effective yelling is. I mean yelling will for sure get things done. They will REACT to it for sure. BUT, my heart is to see true change. True change is when (I) they RESPOND not REACT. I am looking for a response that will effect change, so in the midst of it I need to be controlled. They respond when I explain my heart, not when I fly off the handle. GOD HELP ME! Seriously, I know the right way, but I REACTED to them and didn’t RESPOND to what was going on properly. (A crazy cycle I guess.) Anyway, I get it. I do get it.I also clean when something is on my mind. I call it my escape. That way I can scrub, clean and see some instant improvement, even if the thing in my mind isn’t improving, at least I have some immediate satisfaction. I think it is common really! I am sorry I mad this comment about me…I just about erased the thang, but w/e.Sooz, thank you for being so real. I have said it before and I will say it a million times over. You are my favorite. You are just IN this thing. I appreciate it so much.Praying for you.Love,T


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