The Post that Shall Not be Named.

While I’m searching for a witty title for this blog post, I figured I best just get a-typing.

I’m in love with all things British. I always have been. Way, way before Downton. I called in sick to work the day Diana married her Prince Not-So-Charming. I love Crabtree & Evelyn products. And I have always been a huge fan of PBS and, what my spousal unit lovingly refers to as my “stupid British comedies.” My paternal grandmother was a Spencer from England. Not of the Diana Spencer’s, I’m sure, but still…

I’m a huge fan of English Cheddar, but not so much English beers and ales. And, do not even get me started on British actors who portray James Bond. *swoon*

My bff, Chuck (short for Charlene, so calm down) and I have a trip planned to hit the British Isles. She’s ready to go any time, she tells me. I am determined that we will hit the British Isles before we are old and gray and stuck in one of those “bus the old folks around Great Britain” tours. *shudder*

English Literature…yes and more yes. Jane Austen; Keats; Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe; Virginia Woolf. I just purchased this book: Complete Sonnets and Poems: The Oxford Shakespeare. It’s HISTORY so it totally does not count as a book and totally falls under the restrictions of my Book-Buying-Ban of 2013*

*which includes buying whatever I want*

All of my Downton DVD’s are back home where they belong. I’m seriously wanting to have a Downton Marathon. Just me, the fireplace and a pot of good, British Tea. And scones. Sadly, my weekends are packed full through November. But I have it on the calendar and it is happening. In the meantime, Ripper Street, Season 1, just arrived from Amazon and I will get in a mini British drama marathon sometime soon.

Speaking of November, I know it is only March…mid-March…but today I had a mini-freak-out-sesh: my baby is going to be a senior in T-minus three months. A Senior. Seriously, he was just born a short couple of years ago and, by the way, he is continuing to grow…he has got to be pushing 6’3″ + now. He towers over his father who is 6’1″ and his older brother who is just shy of 6 feet.. I guess the doc was correct after all. Take your toddler’s two-year height and double it. At age 2 he was 3’2″.

I have not forgotten about your list of suggested posts. I am just really struggling with writing about assigned topics. Which is why my book is at a stand still.

This is me with no make-up and my new reading glasses. Just because.

Love you guys.

One thought on “The Post that Shall Not be Named.

  1. I was watching Bobby Flay in Ireland this weekend and thought of our trip. I think we will need a minimum of one month, with at least two weeks in a rented cottage on the windy cliffs overlooking the ocean. You can write, I can read and maybe we can even sleep!!


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