Easter Week.

Yikes. It has been almost 10 days since I last blogged. And I was doing so well there, for awhile…

So, to make me (and hopefully you, my five dear readers) happy, I am posting…you guessed it…a list entitled: “What I am currently obsessing over and the guilt I feel that none of it has anything to do with Easter.”

1. My foot. While my foot is feeling better, it is still bothering me. And, in a vicious circle of obsession, I have realized that my foot hurts because I am so out of shape; I am so out of shape because of the weight I have gained; I have gained weight because I am getting older; my getting older is also contributing to my foot hurting.

2. KT Tape. I bought purple athletic tape to help my foot and also to help me to feel better because I obsess over anything and everything that is Purple.

3. The Wild Boy’s Shoulder. He has an appointment with the surgeon today. He has been going to physical therapy all month and basically, they just manipulate his shoulder, check for rotation (100%, by the way), and he leaves there sore. I know that the surgery was a big success but I am anxious for him to start serious PT and workouts. Because…

4. Senior Year Football Season. In your mind, you are probably thinking…”that isn’t for another six months.” And you would be incorrect. Senior Year Football Season starts NOW with workouts. The Wild Boy is really far behind since he injured his shoulder last November. He’s stressed about it which means I am stressed about it.

5. New Football Coach. Okay, I’m not obsessing over the new football coach himself, but the fact that we have a new football coach! So stinking excited about that because he is awesome. We have been pushing encouraging him to take over the football program since he arrived at WSHS three years ago.

6. Ants. The ants are back in my house. I am spraying and vacuuming and vacuuming and spraying. Told My Man a couple days ago that we are going to have to break down, admit defeat and call an exterminator. *shudder*

7. My New iPad. After years *seriously* of himming and hawing, *one of my mother’s favorite expressions* I relented and told My Man he could buy me a Kindle. I picked out what I wanted, including all accessories, and added it all to our Amazon cart so all he would have to do is click. The next day, he came home with an iPad Mini 4G for me. That’s how we roll here at Smith Abbey. To say I am obsessed with the new iPad would be a huge understatement. Cliches…also how we roll here.

8. The Washington Nationals. Opening Day is Monday! We have tickets for the Thursday game. I’ve been watching the pre-season games. The Nats are going all. the. way. baby.

9. My house. I’m going through things; organizing things; and rearranging things. The last one…because I love to move things around so my peeps can’t find anything. Just ask them…they will tell you. *lies*

10. Writing. I have a few book ideas. And that, my pretties is as far as I’ve gotten with it. My bff, Joanne can holler at me all she likes, but it is what it is. For now.

11. And finally, sticking my nose into everyone else’s biz. Apparently, according to My Man anyway, I totally excel at this one. You have been warned.

Love you guys!

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