New Do.

Because I’m all about the important topics here at This Girl…I got a new do. Not only that, but I got a new hair wizard. He’s about 26 and is Vietnamese. Came to the States when he was 8 so still a bit of an accent. I love him. He is easy to chat with. He has tons of ideas for my hair. He just needs a bit of work on the head massage which, let’s face it, is the only reason I even GO to a salon. We will discuss this at our next session.

There’s something about a new haircut…especially knowing your old hair wiz has gone back to school (she had absolutely NO consideration for my feelings in this matter) after 5 years. FIVE YEARS. That’s like 50x longer than a Kardashian marriage. Sitting down in a new chair with a new hair wiz. And still I said…do whatever you want. He did. I liked it.

At the age of 50…I’ve totally lost my fear of new things, new people, new hair wiz chairs. Finally.

Love you guys and see ya tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “New Do.

  1. Again, you're beautiful. And cray cray. 😉

    I love the “See ya tomorrow” at the end of your posts…you're inspiring me to blog! 🙂

    You were always my first stop in blogland, even before Beth Moore–for realz!

    <3 you.


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