So after some heavy stuff yesterday, I’m going random.

:: Having teenagers is like riding the Titanic. It starts all happy and cheery and ends…well…you get it.
:: Scott, my new hair wizard, pronounced my hair “best. hair. ever.” And has tons of ideas for it.
:: Where was Scott when I was younger and actually cared?
:: Coffee is killing my gut. Killing. It. So I’m doing what I always do…pretend I’m giving it up. Walk away for a few days and come back with a full on Venti-a-day-vengeance.
:: Did you know Starbucks has a new Big Gulp Size? I don’t even know what they call it. Nor do I care. (see previous random item)
:: My father-in-law hired a cleaning lady. Off the street. Literally. As in “hi, I’m *insert name here* and I’m looking for work, call me.” He’s 82 and is also killing my gut.
:: Scott didn’t even comment on my gray roots. I like that in a hair wiz.
:: Wild Boy (aka Smith_amazing on The Twitter) has BLOCKED ME on Twitter. If you are truly my friend, please slam him with follow requests. Thank you.
:: Speaking of Wild Boy, he has been sidelined with an ankle injury for 3 weeks. Tomorrow is the last game of the JV season against our biggest rival. Life ain’t been happy around the Smith house.
:: Chloella DeVille. Also killing my gut. If she wasn’t so daggone cute…I’d let her STAY outside all night when she dashes out the door. And she’s only a kitten. An evil kitten.
:: Secretly, I’m happy football season is over. I’m not really sure why.
:: Did you know that teenage boys who practice football for three hours smell like they haven’t showered in three months and the stench penetrates every fibrous pore it touches? Oh…wait…that could explain the previous random item…
:: My house has smelled lovely lately. And so has my truck.
:: Okay, time for Wednesday Night Dinner. At church. AKA Momma ain’t cookin’ tonight.

Love you guys.

4 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. I'm so sorry about the coffee! I know how much you love it. I've been drinking decaf for awhile now. It's kinder to my gut, and I also have less trouble with anxiety symptoms.

    I am not looking forward to that boy stink. The closest David gets to stinky now is when he plays hard outside and comes in smelling like a wet puppy. Five minutes with Johnson's Bedtime Bath and he smells like my sweet tiny newborn again!

  2. As I sit here with girls piled high upon me while they watch Flipper (smile), I can tell you that one 7 yr old pair of feet are frightfully close to my nasal cavities and ummmm … yeah. Teen boys got nothin on THESE feet! YIKES!

  3. In all honesty…My Girl has THE stinkiest feet in the family. Always has. Even straight outta the tub they were NOT to be sniffed and snuggled with, lol.

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