Knowing when to speak. And when not to speak.

Thank you, Bethie. You and Esther were such a huge, huge part of my last two weeks.

I haven’t spoken much, to anyone, over the last two weeks. I knew I wasn’t supposed to. But now…dude, the flood gates are a-open and I have got to let it out. Here we go:

1. My oldest comes home today for Spring Break. I miss him so very, very much. And have I mentioned he cooks/loves to cook/is dying to cook this week? Yay!!!! Oh, and lest there is any doubt…this is my first born and there is that.

2. Turned on iTunes when I sat down and (I swear to you) the first song that came up (I have it on random play) was “Shackles” by Travis. Oh, Lord…You are so amazing!

3. My girl has had a really, really tough time lately. Oh, the rebellion. The disobedience. I went deep, folks. Really deep. I didn’t know what to pray, even. Thankfully, I was reminded over and over and over by all of you that the Holy Spirit groans for me when I am prayerless. And He so did. I felt His presence like rarely before. Thankfully. Otherwise, I just would have had a total break down.

4. When my girl gets stressed, I’ve noticed, that is when she goes into major rebellion. I guess it is her way of controlling something. We discussed it this morning. We made some plans to help with the “spinning out of control” feeling. I feel her pain. I do did the same thing. Okay, I do it. I do it. I do it still. Yes, thank You Dear Lord for the thump on the head reminder.

5. I am having lunch with Mrs. G and Mrs. S today at our fave Mexican place (Frannie!) and I am so psyched. Seriously, great food and great friends…can it get any better?

6. My girl is being recruited by her former high school coach to play some junior college volleyball. I’m not sure I can take it. The good thing is that he knows her and has even said he set up this program specifically with her in mind (?!). And, the best part…junior college play so no commitment issues if it doesn’t work with her schedule and the aforementioned tendency to spinoutofcontrol. We’ll see. Still in the discussion stages. She wants to go out for some practice time with the team before committing. Have I mentioned she is extremely competitive? Rumor has it some of the girls have been playing on a club team and they well, shall we say suck aren’t that good. That concerns her. lol.

7. Lost is really ticking me off. Just when I feel like I am getting a handle on things, they introduce new people and new story lines. Seriously Lost writers and producers…help a girl out here.

8. And what is with this? I always knew Zeva and Tony would get together but please, please, please do not bring them together and then have something tragic happen. Nooooo!!!!!

9. My secret crush guy is totally Mark Harmon, by the way. The man just gets better looking with age. Just like my very own, real-life crush.

10. Have I mentioned my boy comes home from Longwood today?

11. My house is currently and officially A Disgusting Pit. And yet here I sit blogging.

12. I have the best friends. Ever. The ones I hug regularly. The ones I have yet to hug.

13. He Reigns is playing. Travis, you rock my world.

14. It dawned on me this week that in three months (please Lord) I will be the mother of two high school graduates. Let me type that again so it can sink in (to my brain). I will soon be the mother of two high school graduates. Surely, it is time for another child. Just kidding. Seriously, totally kidding. Can you imagine? I can not.

15. Please believe when I say that I love my Lord, God more and more every single day. He is absolutely incredible.

16. Anyone working on The Love Dare? I’ve started it. But I’m not going to focus on 40 days’ worth. I’m going to do each day for as long as it takes. For as long as I feel that God is telling me that I might actually get it. An then I’ll move on to the next day.

17. I am so thankful for each of you in my life.

18. See, Alana…I’m okay.

Love you guys.

4 thoughts on “Knowing when to speak. And when not to speak.

  1. Soon, I will be the mother of 3 high school graduates. And the baby starts high school next year. The sad thing is, I stretched out the kids so I would have kids at home for a very long time and STILL the end of that is near!I feel ya.


  2. I’ve gotten tooootally behind in blog world (I’m sure you can imagine why! ;)) but it sounds like you’ve been through a lot lately–big (((((HUGS)))) for you–and it also sounds like you and God are getting through things well together. By the way, I think #14 is a great idea! And then you and I and our little ones can get together for play dates! 😉


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