Scary Movies. Scary Life.

Our youngest child ADORES scary movies. The scarier and gorier, the better.

I find life scary enough, thank you very much. I have nightmares that terrify me…always involving real life people and common place events.

I don’t need made-up monsters, diseases, ghosts and goblins.

I can pick up the newspaper or go to for all the monsters, illnesses, lies and fairy tales I want.

I really don’t care to see people dead or dying.

I can turn to my church family, their relatives and friends, and to my bloggy world for more than my fair share of that.

I’m kind of ticked at God today about some illnesses and deaths. I know and truly believe that His ways are not my ways. But I don’t like it. I don’t like the pain I have. I don’t like the pain I see in others.

I have read different takes on asking Jesus to come quickly. Some have determined that it is wrong to ask Him to. Wrong because He gave us this life to live and to live fully and completely. Yes, we should long for Heaven. After all, this place is not our true home. Heaven is. But we shouldn’t be bugging Him about it. He has stated He will come when He comes and we are not to know the time.

Other’s have stated that it is just natural and logical that we should be begging Him to come quickly. And even that word, quickly, does not mean the same to us as it does to Him.

Like most things I say and do here lately, if it really isn’t right to ask Him to come quickly, I know He will forgive me. So I will continue to ask Him. Especially at times like now. When the pain is deep. When life is just hard.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

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