December 30, 2019.

This really is my favorite time of the year. That magical time of year where the hustle leading up to Christmas Day is over. The tree is still up and, this year at least, really could stay up the entire 12 Days of Christmas because we picked a good one at the tree farm. The stockings are still hung in random order instead of oldest to youngest (yes, it does tickle my OCD but I’m trying to be strong.) And the tree has opened presents all around it. Almost all mine because I just like seeing them all there in one spot for a while. Our five Amaryllis plants still haven’t bloomed because I never take them out of their Winter sleep soon enough, so we still have a couple weeks to go before actual blooms. The fridge is still stuffed full of leftovers that will most likely be thrown out today, but I can justify saying, “the fridge and freezer are full of food…I’m not shopping and I’m not cooking…heat yourself a plate.” The lost fine art of thank you notes makes a comeback. I have to ask Alexa or Siri, “what day is it?” Several times a day. My non-New-Year’s-resolutions thinking is in full swing. Any my spouse is working spotty hours here and there, if he is even needing to work at all. Okay, that last one is some moments favorite, some moments not. Wives who are at home, you know what I’m talking about.

I’ve seen a lot of posts and memes about the New Year, resolutions, plans, changes, etc. I’m cool with all that. The only resolution I ever made and kept, to my knowledge, is the year I decided to give up smoking for good. I wasn’t a regular smoker by then, but I couldn’t call myself an ex-smoker either. And, to be honest, I really didn’t do anything in order to give up smoking. I contracted the flu, lost five days of my life, and woke up an ex-smoker. A New Year’s miracle for sure. Have never had the desire to smoke again. That was a good 25 years ago. Hard to believe it was that long.

Newspaper clippings from The Bins.

Anyhow, back to non-resolutions. I do have a few. Some things I would like to start doing, stop doing, commit harder to, let go of, and the like. And there is the Big Thing looming in 2020. Russell retiring, selling the house, and moving to Smith Mountain Lake. We were in Roanoke this weekend and made some concrete steps toward that Big Thing which probably seem small to others but were foundational for us. We’ve only ever banked at a local credit union here. Friday, we opened accounts with a big bank. We still might go with a local credit union down in Roanoke at some point. And we secured a storage unit in Roanoke. I am going to purge and organize everything in this house, but I there are already things I know we are going to keep that we can get out of the house and attic now and be that much closer to moving. One of those “things” is all the Christmas stuff. Russell and Travis are going to pull all the Christmas boxes and bins back down from the attic for me this week and I am going to touch every single thing and get serious about purging. I mean it this time, lol. No, I really do mean it and I’ve been checking in with some of my fave organizing and minimizing folks to fire me up. I will take before and after photos and I will keep it real. To give you an idea of the level of “things equal memories” I am, I have started going through bins in the kids’ closets that contained “congrats you are pregnant and welcome baby cards.” And all kinds of things from their high school and college years. Yep, I am that bad about it. And I’ve been letting things go. Some things I took pics of. A very few things I kept. But I pretty much read every one and then trashed them. See? I am serious this time!

I kept this one, of course.
There was one of these for all three children, Kindergarten through 12th grade and one for college. A lot of folders and papers! I pulled pictures out but shredded everything else. I am woman…see me purge!

Just a little update from life here at the Smiths.

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