June 26, 2019.

Horses. I can think of very few little girls I’ve ever known, including myself and My Girl, who aren’t (or weren’t) obsessed with horses. Even if they never rode, they collected horse figurines and read horse stories and drew horse pictures. I was lucky to ride often when I was younger and we made sure My Girl had riding lessons. I’m still obsessed.

That is where I was this morning. The stable. “We” volunteer at a stable that is home to a handful (or two) of rescued horses, as well as boarders. I say “we” tongue in cheek because My Girl pulled us into this and moved on to other stables and Russell and I were left holding the lead, literally. And then I dropped out so really it has been Russell who is there twice a week. But I’m jumping back in, at least for a few weeks, to help with a horse that had surgery and needs to be walked in the pen several times a day. I’ll pull the first morning shift as well as groom or whatever is needed while I’m there for a couple hours. I enjoyed it thoroughly this morning. There are a lot of adults and furry critters living at our house right now so it was nice to get away to the stable where my BP drops 10 points at the smell of manure and the soft whinny of my fave, Dolly girl. And don’t even talk to me about the softest thing on earth…the muzzle of a horse. When Smokin’ pushed his head into my chest and nuzzled my hands with his muzzle…I turned to mush and could have stayed forever. I had my phone with me this morning but totally forgot to take any pics. But I will tomorrow and I’ll post ’em here, if you are interested.

Horses are more than a distraction or an obsession. For me, being in the stable, being around the gear and the feed, the straw and yes, even the manure and horse flies, is Heaven. I read, years ago, a commentary on whether or not there will be animals in Heaven. This wise scholar stated yes, absolutely. Long story short, he basically said why would the God of the universe create us for relationship with Him, to be His companions, and give us our own companions, animals, just to take them away from us where we will spend eternity? I have to agree. I can’t imagine a world on earth without domesticated animals and I certainly envision Heaven being filled with all creatures, great and small.

See y’all tomorrow, if only with a few pictures.

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