May 24, 2019.

Good Morning, friends.

I have a confession to make. I can be a teeny tiny judgmental. I’m just gonna leave that there for now and maybe swing back by to expand on that a bit. Or not.

It’s Friday. I only know that because I took our oldest to the surgeon this morning and I know that appointment was Friday. Other than that, I don’t know the date. Seriously. How do retired people do this? I am really struggling. It took my soon-to-be 29-year-old in his brand-new walking boot to point a few things out to me. 1. I’m angry. Can’t tell you what about because I don’t know. Just am. 2. I need to start consciously stepping away from that anger. “One step at a time,” was his advice. 3. I need to get the hell out of this house. 4. And pack up my laptop, my study stuff, and plant my butt in a comfy chair at Barnes and Noble where I can sip coffee, eat a muffin, read ALL. THE. BOOKS. And write. He is absolutely correct on all counts. That begins Tuesday. Along with a Sarah-imposed cleanse eliminating all grains, alcohol, and sweets. My advice to you is to not try to contact me at all next week because if you think I’m angry this week.

Other things happening around here. Currently, The Husband is in the back yard wielding some sort of gas-powered man-tool that moves dirt. Which is why I am inside writing. I’m keeping an ear out for a “HONEY!!!!!!” bellow and/or curse word exclamation of pain. All three dogs are out there with him so he’s fine. We are going to build a small wall in the back yard and then we are going to put up a six-foot-high wooden fence. By “we” I mean not me. I will be happy to supply the drink and food and first aid, as needed.

Sarah and Travis move in this weekend. So, yeah, that’s happening. Sarah and I are really excited about living together again. We are not so excited that the guys will be here also because we know they will be determined to ruin it for us. Honestly, I am looking forward to it. Sarah doesn’t hesitate to throw food and things out so I will be sneaking away for junk food regularly. At Barnes and Noble! Brilliant.

Shawn is finally out of the cast and into a walking boot today. Still needs his crutches but will be allowed to drive next week in a stiff ankle brace if his ankle is up for it. Lord knows I need him to drive himself. To be honest, I have enjoyed our twice a day commute together. He has always been our talker and we have hashed out a ton of life things the last two weeks. His deadpan sarcasm cracks me up and instantly calms the road rage I may have just participated in. There is a reason I worked one mile from home. It wasn’t any grand calling. It was to keep myself and fellow drivers alive. I thank Jesus every day He put me in that job and off the roads.

We have mice in our basement. Let me rephrase that. We have three dogs and two cats in this house and we still have mice in our basement. Shawn and I team-efforted one really fat tailless one out the door last night. I really think the cats need to step up and do their job. Did you know that mice can climb walls? (shudder)

That’s about it from here. Oh! One last (big) thing:

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Be safe this Memorial Day Weekend and chat soon.


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