Tuesday, May 14, 2019.

Mid-May and the high today is forecasted to be 60. I. am. LOVING IT. I’m sitting on the porch, it’s currently 50 fun-lovin-degrees, and my coffee is hot.

So. This whole writing thing. Whose idea was it anyway? It is hard, man. H-A-R-D. Not the words. I’ve got tons of words. It’s the discipline of sitting down and putting pen to paper, over and over again. That’s the hard part. And then? What to do with this pile of words I’ve spewed out.

I’m not quite sure what my niche is. Or really, the path and purpose of my writing. In the end, it’s really just for me. For my sanity. To get it out of my head. And not even that I want to read it. Ever again. Although, having said that, I’m going back through some posts here and on Facebook and looking at some things you have asked me to write about. I think I’ll start there.

Some fun news about life here. Shawn had surgery on his RIGHT ankle last week. He is currently in a non-weight-bearing cast. Guess who his chauffeur is? I don’t mind driving him back and forth to work other than I have to do it during rush hour. I haven’t commuted since I was pregnant with Brett. There is a reason for that. Commuting and I do not play well together. I lost count of the number of times Shawn turned to me yesterday in the car and asked, “feel better now?” after I may or may not have told or shown an idiot driver my thoughts on their idiot driving. (no middle fingers were used by me, by the way.)

After a weekend away, I came home to a gutted basement. My daughter is a badass. She ripped up all the carpeting and tack board. She and Travis pulled off all the paneling and they’ve been painting. This is a quick fix to get ready for them moving in this month. So lot’s of things happening in and to the house this month.

In the meantime, you will most likely find me here on the porch, sipping a beverage, typing, writing, staring into the trees. This is life now. Not sure how I’m feeling about it still. But getting there.

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