May 25, 2019. Finding my niche.

Hey there friends.

I’m doing some writing homework this morning and thought I would share a short bit of it with you.

This writing thing…why am I doing it? What do I have to say? How do I say it?

The why: I have always been “a writer.” Since I was a little girl. I would write stories and draw pictures. Sometimes in connection with each other. Usually about animals. And especially horses. When she was a little girl, Sarah did the same exact thing. I remember one of her elementary school teachers told me that Sarah was no longer allowed to read books about animals or write about animals. My response? “So now we are telling our children not to read and not to write?” I was so angry. The only way we could get that girl to read was to hand her books on animals. (By the way, I won that battle with the teacher.) I need to write. To share. To get it out of my brain. Just like I have always needed to read.

The what: This is kind of what my homework is about over the next week. Figuring out what my “niche” is. Honestly, I feel like I write about anything and everything. From my children to my marriage to my critters; struggling with depression and finding joy in the little things; starting over (and over and over and over) on eating healthy, losing weight, and trying to get started on working out regularly. Leading me to believe that my niche is really…

The how: How do I write about it? With humor, sarcasm, and by being real. I’d like to throw in some encouragement, love, and a smile to that how. Hopefully, that comes across now and then.

I expect to be sharing some of my homework assignments with you this week. Give me some feedback. I can take it. And thank you.

Chat soon.

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