A few of my favorite things…1

I was slathering on all the product today and thought…I wonder if anyone else uses this mascara/hair product/soap/etc. because I love it. Maybe they would too. So here you go, a few of my favorite things. *some things are linked to my Amazon account where I am an Amazon Associate.*

My Girl is the one who turned me onto this mascara. Seriously, I have never, ever used a mascara that I have loved like this one. It does what it says it does: waterproof and volume and lengthening. And it still comes off easily when I wash my face and/or use make-up remover. Seriously, this is my #1 recommendation of all times. And it is super inexpensive!

Anyone else jumped on board with the amazingness that is the Instant Pot? So this one is on 40% off right now. I handed down my smaller one and just purchased this one for myself for Christmas. Even The Pioneer Woman is jumping on board with the Instant Pot and redoing some of her best recipes to use the Instant Pot. I made this recipe last week because her original recipe is my go-to for pot roast. This was just as tasty and wonderfully comforting just like the original.

I have always had super dry hair and coloring/highlighting/blow drying/etc. has not helped. And then I met this queen of all hair products. My hair dries faster (with or without blow drying) and has not dried out like it did before I started using this. And it smells so yummy.


And last, but not least, this toothpaste and a drop of Orange together are whitening up my teeth in a way I didn’t think was possible. My teeth were damaged by antibiotics (a child of the ’60s) and most whitening products don’t do much. I’ve been doing a 30-day challenge (for myself) to see if this combo really does work for me and it does. Contact me or go here to order.

There ya go. Holler at me if you have any questions. And see Y’all soon!

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