Twenty days ’til Christmas.

Is it just me or is Christmas coming faster every year? My dad warned me this would happen. Not specifically Christmas coming quickly, but the year(s) moving more quickly as I age. Is aging and time like a snowball? Gathering speed as it moves closer to the bottom of the end? That’s my deep thought for the day. Probably the only one. You’re welcome.

Anyone else absolutely freaked out that we are only 27 days until the New Year? I mean I’ve held it together pretty well until this morning. My brain can not slow down, turn off, or focus, on any one thing or even all the things it should be focused on. Instead, I am wandering down memory lane, revisiting past events that have no business sticking their nose into my present and future, abandoned plans, broken relationships that aren’t supposed to be healed, habits and behaviors that are just not healthy, and the weight of things done that can not be undone…I’m cutting it all loose today. As in, I’m making the choice. Do I continue being distracted by all the shiny and/or tarnished things that pop up? Or do I make the conscious decision to let the past be the past and today is a new day, a new beginning?

Yeah, it’s easy to say that and another to actually make it so, but I have to begin somewhere. More importantly, I must change my own negative thought processes to positive ones. In everything. I’ve already begun that with focusing on food…is it medicine and fuel? It needs to be right now. And moving more? I am, but I need an actual plan and tracking system. Decluttering and cleaning out our home? It’s happening, usually with me kicking and screaming. So I’ve been taking pictures of things and books and tucking them away as reminders. Reminders for what, I’m not sure, but it’s making the process easier and I’m letting things go. Literally.

This morning as I was writing out a lot of these thoughts in the journal, I realized that just putting pen(cil) to paper and letting it all out of my stopped up brain really had a calming and I can do this effect. I’m seeing and thinking more clearly. Able to prioritize and, I’m positive, focus on what I need to be doing. Yeah, it’s a lot. But it all doesn’t have to be done today. Or even in the next 27 days. Because nothing says new beginnings like January 1. Christmas is coming and I really need to get my brain and heart back on track with what it really means. For this gift girl, that means all the presents. And Jesus. Definitely Jesus. Y’all know I’m joking…it’s Jesus first. Then all the presents.

How is everyone else coping with this time of year? Anyone just sitting back, wishing for snow and letting the rest of it not bother you? If so, share your secrets on how you do that!

See you soon.

2 thoughts on “Twenty days ’til Christmas.

  1. No secrets here. But also no tree, no decorations and no gifts yet! I know it will happen, but this year there are simply too many moving pieces – all out of my control – to let it bother me. The big holiday meals, both Thanksgiving and Christmas, usually held at my house, got picked up by others this year. For Thanksgiving it was a niece and her husband, wanting to share their new home with family by hosting Thanksgiving for the first time. What a relaxing holiday that made it for me! For Christmas, my Mom wanted to have everyone over, but decided a compromise for her was that we eat out at a favorite spot near their house, and we’ll gather afterwards for dessert at my folks’ place. Again, a win-win for me. I’ll be lounging around all Christmas morning, rather than trying to “encourage” my family to clean up their piles and help with dinner prep. On a macro level, am working soooooooo hard these days on not focusing on things out of my control – whether they be out of the past, or a part of my today. I can only do me. And that means I let others be themselves, and then decide how or if I fit into that. Oh my goodness – I have rambled so! But you gave me much food for thought. Deck the halls!

    1. I think that we/the people around us often make Christmas a whole lot more than it needs to be/is supposed to be. Lounging around all Christmas morning sounds heavenly!!!! <3

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