November 26 and allllll the drama

Just kidding on the drama.


Everyone is showing off all their Christmas decoratin’ bling on social media and I am over here at Smith Abbey stepping over boxes and having to push chairs out-of-the-way and digging through an over-stuffed fridge looking for my heavy whipping cream for my coffee and maybe even looking at a few dirty dishes from Saturday night. Because we crushed it in the suck the life out of every second of time we have together arena. From 6:30 Tuesday night until 3:30 yesterday afternoon when everyone finally departed for home, we hugged, and laughed, and teased, and ate, and drove, and literally squeezed a lifetime of memories out of every drop. And my house, for one, is a testament to it. But instead of worrying about the mess (and my serious joint pain and gut issues due to the lack of common sense that was my eating over the last 6 days) I am sipping my coffee from my fave over-sized Christmas coffee mug, and going through each and every moment in my head and storing it all in my heart.

The girls

Because I lost count of the number of times that Russell and I stood back for a moment and just watched all the craziness going on, recognizing that this is what it is all about. Two little girls about to turn two who pretty much ran the show. Of course, they did. Adult siblings and cousins coming together and teasing and laughing and joking and bickering like they always did. Welcoming into the circle of our craziness a new wife and a new girlfriend, hesitating for a nanosecond over the thought of can they handle it? Yes, they can as they jumped right into the fray. All of us worshipping together, minus one sleepy head who will never hear the end of it. Y’all my heart is full to the brim. Kinda like my bedroom where we dumped all of the gotta make room for chairs and boxes. We also took a day to clean out the bedroom and put a ton of stuff on facebook marketplace so that’s all in my dining room right now. Cuz what better time to do that kind of stuff?


I tried to pop onto social media now and then over the last few days and ended up catching up on everything last night, in bed, at 8:30. Loved seeing all of the Thanksgiving meals, families, decorating, and joy. There will be plenty of time this week to get the house back in order. To rearrange the tree which, as I’m looking at it this morning, is still leaning a tad to the right because we didn’t have time for my usual 20 minutes of tree straightening commands. I’m positive my OCD will kick in at some point, but for now, I’m loving the lean, cherishing the ornaments facing backward that were placed by pudgy little hands all along the bottom 1/4 of the tree, and missing all the joyful noise of family.

Hope Y’all had a great Thanksgiving. See you tomorrow.

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