November 23 and the real reason it is called Black Friday

Shawn and Rachel’s charcuterie board.

I don’t know about y’all, but we had a houseful yesterday. And it was glorious. And loud. And there was some drama. And there were tons of sweet moments. And there was Way. Too. Much. Food. And I had to lie down for 40 minutes during the midst of it. Because let’s be real for a minute. Family, food, and fun can make for a bit of a stressful day and while I was so stinkin’ happy to have everyone here, imagine what all of the crappy (as in not-so-healthy) food has done to my gut and body and add on the busyness of pulling everything together? I needed to do one of two things: 1. take a break for 40 or 2. vomit. Almost did both, but my gut calmed down a bit after a while.

So Black Friday. In my mind, it has nothing to do with retail. And everything to do with coming down off the high of Thanksgiving Day. I wouldn’t say I’m actually in a dark mood today, but I’m definitely feeling reflective and thankful, exhausted and stuffed, and super happy that my people are all still in bed so I can have this time to just be. And did I mention it is quiet?

For the record, it’s okay to be overwhelmed by what isn’t the norm for you. The ton of food that you have to have a bite of because it’s something you may only have once a year. It’s okay to be sad on Thanksgiving and missing your loved ones. It’s okay to be glad the day is over with and now you can dive headlong into Christmas. As if some of us haven’t been doing that for the last 10 days already.

And it’s okay to be angry that maybe this year you can’t think of a whole lot to be thankful for. Maybe you are in the midst of a wicked divorce. Or this is your first (or seventh) Thanksgiving following the death of a loved one. Or you lost your job…or your house. It’s probably been pretty tough seeing all of the “Happy Thanksgiving!” “I’m so blessed and thankful” social media posts. You are not forgotten. Not by those who know you and not by El Roi  – the God who sees you. Call out to Him and He will bring you peace and comfort and turn your ashes into joy. Although it may not seem like it. Although it may take time. He will do it if you ask Him.

We are off to the tree farm today. Car full after car full after car full of family and friends. And it’s going to be wonderful. And loud. And there’s going to be some drama. And I am thankful.

See Y’all tomorrow..


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