November 21 and it’s officially Christmas


Well, it is around here, anyway.

Today we are pulling out Christmas dishes and lights to start decorating. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and Friday is Christmas Tree Farm day. To be honest, it’s been a struggle not to decorate before now this year. Seeing all of the decorating happening out in Instagram land has not helped. In fact, it’s probably been driving my desire to decorate earlier than usual. I have successfully resisted and now…bring on the tinsel and lights and ornaments and all the Christmas things!

All my people are in the house, “the house” meaning Springfield, and last night we celebrated Russell’s birthday. Can you say, one happy momma. As the bickering and fighting over who sits where and barking orders at each other began, I was in heaven. I pray that my children never become strangers to each other. That the bickering doesn’t turn to anger or indifference. That the barking orders to each other never becomes hate and then silence. It happens. It is happening in the lives of people we know and love. I’m thankful that the eye rolls are followed by giggles and teasing. That the asides of “s/he drives me crazy” ends with, “thank God.” I worried, for a time, about the heart children that would become ours via marriage. That they wouldn’t get us or would struggle with how we roll. We actually talked about it last night as Russell was opening his cards and prezzies…and as I looked at each of these children I have been blessed with, I realized I had worried for no reason. We are still missing one heart child…she will come eventually. I’ve got a feeling she’s going to fit in just fine. As long as she recognizes and accepts two things: 1. Christmas comes early at the Smith house; and 2. the Queen rules.

Happy Thanksgiving and bring on the Christmas festivities.

See Y’all…

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