It’s not about the tree.

I loved blogging every day in November. I loved the break, for a few days, from blogging. I also missed blogging the last few days.

I’m complex like that.

It is finally Christmas in the Smith household. How do I know? Because I can’t stop stressing about all I have to get done. Shopping…I don’t even have a list together yet and normally, by the first week of December, it’s all over but the stocking stuffers. I have a few things, but really…I am at a loss this year. I planned on cutting back this year, but this is ridiculous. Baking…I baked three pies for Thanksgiving and I have long list *still not written down and in my Christmas binder* that I want to bake. Decorating…the tree is up. That might be all of the decorating that gets done this year at this rate.

Really, I am being slightly over-dramatic. I will be my usual chill self after this week/weekend. A couple of college visits with the Wild Boy has me all wigged out. Once those are over, I will get back on track. I will!

I have to share a story with you. Last night, while we were decorating The Tree, I stopped and reminded My Man and The Children of just how much I have grown. There was a time, not too long ago when clearly, I was still That Girl, when decorating The Tree wasn’t fun, carefree and joyous…like it is now. Now I basically just place the lights on the branches, rearranging a bit here and there, and leave it at that. Then, That Girl had to individually position each and every light in its proper place. Sadly, I have even been known to strip the entire tree back down again, including ornaments, and start all over.

People. What was I thinking?

It’s not about The Tree! It is about having all of us together as I pick out The Tree. Okay, so there is still a touch of That Girl…but, we all go together to bring The Tree home and we have our traditions along the way. Cracker Barrel for breakfast on our way to the tree farm; stopping at the Sheetz in Warrenton for gas and bathroom break. It’s the together and the traditions that make it. My Man and the boys put up the outside lights, the Saturday and/or Sunday after Thanksgiving. My Man’s inner Clark Griswold comes screaming to the surface and frankly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. He loves those big, honkin’ C9 bulbs that burned down many a tree and home back in the day and I think *hope* that we have now finally replaced all of the hand-me-down fire-starter strands from my childhood and his.

It’s just a tree. This year, our tree is The Best Smith Christmas Tree yet. Yep, the tree is leaning just a smidgen to the right; the one strand of all white blinking lights that I run up the center and wrap around the trunk for some bling is definitely not spaced properly; because all of The Children are now grown up and tall…instead of the tree being ornament heavy along the bottom…it is ornament heavy along the top. To top it all off…pun intended…I have yet to find any of the tree toppers I cycle through.

There you have it. The Best Smith Christmas Tree ever truly is the best yet. And next year, no matter it’s size, location, degree of leaning, missing branches, crooked trunk…will be the next Best Smith Christmas Tree. Ever.

Love you guys.

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