This is why I don’t get anything done.

I have a ton of Christmasy-related stuff to be doing. Not to mention putting all of the china and glassware back in the corner cabinet and pulling the good stainless out of the everyday stainless kitchen drawer.

Instead of working and thinking about those things, I have pulled the master bedroom apart and I am giving it a good cleaning. This all started when I picked up a pile of papers next to my nightstand table and a fluff of dust and critter-fur smacked me in the face. I was *and still am, by the way* looking for two Home Depot receipts that I need to submit with the church credit card receipts from when My Man had to go to HD to pick up lights for the Narthex.

This is why I don’t get anything done. Somehow, I have ended up cleaning out and organizing all of my jewelry. And I’ve been searching online trying to figure out what this 1883 coin is that I found in my jewelry box. Also, The Big Boy texted me to look up a Middle School for him. When I asked what info he wanted regarding said Middle School he said the area, “looks like my kind of place to live.” Alrightythen.

This is why I don’t get anything done. I start all these little projects and get side-tracked. I’m sure y’all can relate. Mid-clean out, I grabbed a binder and some page dividers, all of The Wild Boy’s college paperwork, handed it to My Man *who was sitting in the living room watching a movie, by the way* and told him to, “organize this.” Before he left for the airport to pick up our Pastor and his wife, he announced he was “two-thirds way through and will finish when I get back.” Score one for the wife.

Also, having found nothing on the coin, I remembered I needed to start finish up this blog post. This is why I don’t get anything done.

I will have more on Thanksgiving and our Christmas Tree Farm trip, but wanted to get a couple of pictures up.

Travis is to the left behind The Wild Boy. The other pics had Trav in them, but not My Girl. 
Sorry, Trav…My Girl is prettier than you so she made the cut and you didn’t. But I still love you! 

Some serious good-looking boys. 

No surprise to anyone that The Wild Boy is tucked in between the two beautiful girls.

Love you guys.

One thought on “This is why I don’t get anything done.

  1. I'm with ya sister. I never get anything done. I always start one thing and in the middle of doing that I find something else to do. It is very frustrating.

    So glad to see William back in fold. 🙂 hug him for me!!!


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