November 13.

 The sky was beautiful this morning

I should be at the gym  instead of sitting in front of the fireplace writing. Normally, that might sound like a win to me, but this morning it s nothing but frustrating. It’s my own fault. Having major gut issues this morning and it is all due to poor food choices.

This should be easy. I know what to eat; I know what not to eat. Thomas even gave me a food list. I have good choice food items in the house. And I still cannot get a handle on this.

I’ve always leaned towards the melancholy, focusing more on the bad things going on rather than the good. I do recognize that now, 40+ years into this life, but it is in my DNA and if I don’t consciously stay on top of it, the negative focus rises to the forefront and I let it impact everything from my eating to my focus.

Surprisingly, the Thanksgiving and Christmas Seasons don’t bring me down, however. I think that is why I begin listening to Christmas music in September October on November 1. My heart longs to embrace the Holiday season each year and I can’t wait to get started.

I recognize how the Christmas Season is difficult for people. Today is our dear friend, Flo’s birthday. She passed away last year on December 4. She loved Christmas. I woke up this morning thinking of her and how much I miss her popping over to chat and sip a cup of coffee. She never judged the condition of my kitchen, even though hers was always spotless. And mine never was. A couple of years ago, she came over to help us decorate our Christmas Tree. The year before, I had separated out all of the ornaments the kids made and put them in separate bags because I wanted to save them for each kid. Half way through the tree decorating, I noticed a couple of them up on the tree and I turned around to see who was putting them up and sure enough, Flo had taken them all out of their individual bags and had them spread all around her, all mixed up and she was putting them on the tree. I took that as a sign that it wasn’t time to let go of the kid’s ornaments and they will be going up on the tree again this year. And probably every year.

Happy memories associated with Christmas…I am focusing on them this year.

Do you love the Holiday season? Or are you the family Scrooge?

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  1. We are a little bit of both. We LOVE the Christmas season and really get into it! Renee's favorite is a local church's Living Nativity. It's fun! BUT… I'm a Scrooge when it comes to outdoor Christmas lights. :/ I think they a beautiful and I love them and we drive around neighborhoods to see them but I just don't think we can afford them T this point in our lives. Maybe someday. Until then… We'll keep swinging by your house. 😉

  2. Mr. Russell “Clark Griswold” Smith nearly had a stroke last night when it appeared that someone had put up their Christmas lights before he did. Thankfully, as Sarah and I were quick to point out, they appeared to be “Thanksgiving” lights. *dodged the bullet*

  3. Glad Sarah said it first…I'll second it. I am both. I love seeing family and having good meals together. Love it if I happened to find The Right Gift for people. Absolutely hate decorating b/c I stink at it and it's stuff to drag out and put back and THERE'S NO STORAGE room in my house. Sigh. Hate the stress of finding a gift or worse, making something and feeling like it's not enough. Just wish the gift giving was not such a major focus and that just enjoying people and RELAXING together was enough.

  4. I love Christmas. At this point we've realized most people in our lives either have everything they want, or don't need it. We buy for other kids, take pictures of the stuff and attach the pics to ornaments or small gifts (last year it was those flashlights that stick to your fridge) as our gifts to adult family members. This year I'm making crocheted snowflake ornaments. I just ordered the book today though, so I'd better get a move on! LOL!!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! (although Easter is still my favorite.)

  5. I hear you, Di. We have really cut back with the giving. We don't give to kids in the family, other than our own. My sister and I exchange gifts, but we don't buy the men stuff. It is just too hard at this stage of our lives when we all have everything (plus a billion times more). When R & I have g-kids, it will all change. P.S. I adore pulling out all of the decorations and decorating!!!! But would give a million bucks to someone to put it all away. Nice and neatly and OCDish like I have too!

  6. Christmas Christmas Christmas…LOVE it!! I go all out in my class with making gifts and decorations for the parents and talking about Jesus' birth. We have a nativity pageant at TPK and it is just wonderful. All the kids sing something as a gift for Jesus. Sadly though my family does not get into as much as I do. Last year I got help with the lights then everyone watched me decorate the tree. This year I have put my foot down. No decorating, no gifts. I will take them back or give them to a child who deserves them. Bwahahahaha.

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