Are You talking to Me?

The writing seems to be opening up a bit. Whole lot of stuff swirling around in my head to write about, just waiting for a tiny opening to escape. Kind of like acupuncture. Thomas keeps telling me that he is opening up the flow to whichever area he is currently opening the flow to, and that the twirling and poking and toggling of the needles will do just that. The pain will be worth it. Not that it is painful, usually. But sometimes it is.

Kind of like the writing. Writing can be painful, at times. Trying to snatch one idea out of the hundreds flitting around in my head always reminds me of blowing a dandelion fluff ball into the wind and trying to grab each seed out of the air before they all fly away on the breeze. This is why I need to sit down, pull each of these thoughts out of the air my brain, write them down and plan my blogging. Which I have yet to do. Ever.

Maybe once I get my house picked up and more organized. 

I have been feeling the nudge to do something about all of this stuff. Periodically, I will read a tweet or post from someone who is reading or has read Jen Hatmaker’s book, 7. Here and here are some write-ups about her book. This morning a sweet bloggy friend, Fran, posted on her “More than a Mission Trip” Facebook page that she and her two partners-in-crime friends are in the process of doing the 7 bible study. (Here is their website.) She had read the book last year and participated in the 7 fasts. I’ve been thumped on the head by God about this before. I’ve always denied He was really meaning for me to actually buy the book and do this because, after all, one of my biggest excesses is books and I would have to buy the book and, possibly, the bible study. Which should be my first clue that this is really what I am supposed to do. Me? Not want to buy a book? Clear case of fear and disobedience.

So, long story short, I just ordered the book 7. Now I’m wondering the following:

1. What the heck was I thinking?
2. Is it too late to cancel my book order?
3.  Who wants to take this journey with me?

4. I’m not getting rid of any of my books. Just saying up front that that is not open for discussion.

Seriously. Who is in?

Love you guys…to excess and back!

7 thoughts on “Are You talking to Me?

  1. Wow. Hmmmm. Yup, I can see why that would scary. Part of got all excited and though, “Heck, yeah, I'll do it with her”. Then I got to thinkin' about all my stuff. You know… The stuff I NEED! 😉 I'll give it a good think over and get back to you… 😉

  2. YES!!! I will be your biggest fan and cheerleader! The book and the bible study are similar yet different. Get the book. That is my suggestion. I won't let it leave my side. 😉 But really….both are fabulous. Jump in sister. I promise you its worth it!

  3. Joyce…happens to me EVERY SINGLE TIME I get rid of something. I swear! So, I'm thinking that my new attitude about it all has to be…can I replace this if I needed to? Can I use something else instead? Probably and probably!

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