When everything seems to be going wrong.

It is wicked crazy over at Smith Abbey these days. Like Perfect Storm wicked crazy. My People are walking on egg shells thinking I am going to go over the edge at any moment.

I, however, am surprisingly calm. *which is also why they think I’m going to blow any second now*

No, really…I am like Zen calm.

This morning on top of everything else, I discovered the server is down at work (i.e., church) and my morning plan contained item #1: work from home on prayer list, bulletin for Sunday and Flo’s service program. After not sleeping at all for round two last night, this was a recipe for a major blow-up.

Didn’t happen. Not gonna.

It’s only taken me 51 a few years to figure out that I need to start living what I’m preaching. I preach all the time, to our children, My Man, friends, family, etc., that everything happens for a reason; that nothing that happens is a surprise to God, Who has each of our days numbered right down to the amount of hairs on our head.

Of course I would be sick this week. The Graduate Boy is home to live and, please God, work; the Wild Boy is up to his usual Wild Boy antics; I’m orchestrating our dear Flo’s service and reception at church with, thankfully, a ton of help from my family and friends; the Graduate Boy has about 50 of his peeps coming over on Saturday to help him celebrate his Summa Cum by the skin-of-his-teeth college graduation; and I am in the middle of making Christmas presents, wrapping Christmas presents, and Christmas is coming quickly.

But, it’s all good.

Being sick on top of all of this just confirmed what I’ve been preaching to the choir: focus on the important things; the things that are needed and not the things that are just wanted. In other words, be This Girl…not That Girl.

Easy. Peasy.

Love you guys. Chat soon.

One thought on “When everything seems to be going wrong.

  1. All I keep trying to remember is that I can only do something about the things which are within my control. The other things are going to happen no matter what I want or do…

    Also as I have gotten more mature (sort of) I am learning (very slowly) that you have to say no sometimes. Easy to say, not always easy to do!

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