Sort of a random all over the place post.

Random photo of my To Do list for today. In no particular order:

Apparently, I need the pressure of a writing challenge in order to write.

Because I’ve got nothing. I’ve got lots to say, I’m just pretty sure you don’t want to hear it.

For example, my allergies have been wicked for months now and finally kicked into high gear in the form of a sinus infection. My annual Christmas Sinus Infection, to be precise. Always happens at the most stressful time of the Christmas season, proving that stress really does weaken our immune system and blah blah medical jargon blah blah.

Also, The Big Boy is now home. With all of his stuff accumulated over 4.5 years at college. He doesn’t officially have a job. But he does have orientation tomorrow with the Fairfax County School System to begin substitute teaching and he has applied for an assistant JV baseball coaching position at a local high school. All of this points to the shocking realization that he really does not know what he wants to do with his life.

I still haven’t figured that out. In the meantime, I’m just doing it. You know what I mean? I never thought I would want children. And if I did have one I wouldn’t want to be a stay-home-momma. I never went back and finished college. Still don’t know what I would study, if I did. English and writing, I suppose. Quite a change from the pre-med I started college with, but isn’t that usually the way? My Man has undergrad degrees in Radio and Television Broadcasting and Speech and works for the government as a logistician. He runs a lot of meetings so I guess he does get to talk a lot and, for all of you who know him personally, My Man does love to talk. A lot. His graduate degree does have something to do with his current job, in a round about way, I suppose. But here we both are…doing life, completely different than what we thought life would be.

And that’s exactly what happens, isn’t it? We (and by we I mean me, myself and I) spend our day wishing it was something different; that we (me, myself and I) were something, someone, different. The babies are little and we can’t wait until they are walking and talking and boy, didn’t that turn out to be quite a shock when it finally happened! You know what I am talking about..and then suddenly, here we are, kids all grown up and going their own way and, if we are lucky, we still have the husband of our youth sitting next to us on the sofa and it’s just the two of us.

I stopped wishing for the next thing a few year’s ago when I realized how quickly the years were flying by and how old My Man was getting. *ahem* For all that I speak of change here at This Girl, I wish time could stand still, or at least slow down a bit. I suppose that is a popular wish, unless you are smack-dab in the middle of crying babies at night and lots of diapers to change. Trust me, those long nights will turn into even longer nights when the first kid backs out of your driveway, behind the wheel and alone, for the very first time and every time after that…times three for us now.

Just a little something to look forward to.

Glad I had nothing to say today. Maybe I’ll have nothing to say again tomorrow.

Love you guys. Chat soon.

One thought on “Sort of a random all over the place post.

  1. what a reminder that we spend too much time wishing time away and then wishing for it back. Really realy good stuff. Hope you feel better.


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