No Excuses Twenty-thirteen.

That’s my motto for 2013. I don’t really do “resolutions.” More like a “bucket list.” It always comes down to a list with me, doesn’t it? This list is not exhaustive; it is subject to change; it will be added to; most likely subtracted from. So, here we go at the first run:

1. Scripture memorization. I really struggle with memorizing scripture. Why should we memorize scripture? Several reasons, for me, actually. To think about things we are called to think about. “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” (Philippians 4:8). One of my bff’s, Michele Miner, just had a book published on the power of memorizing scripture. I am looking forward to it arriving in my mail box. And, for hints and accountability, Living Proof Ministry, Beth Moore’s ministry, is a great place to begin. But not only am I called to memorize scripture, I love the Word of God and was horrified to realize I could quote a whole lot more from NCIS episodes than I can the Bible.

2. Getting a grip on my NCIS addiction. Not just NCIS, but my tv viewing habits, in general. We regularly imposed tv viewing restrictions on our children in order for them to focus more on the things (school) they needed to, so why not impose them on myself? I think it is actually going to be liberating.

3. Workouts. No brainer here, since I just joined the fitness center. I struggle with fibromyalgia so this one is doubly difficult, but I am determined to make it a regular part of my week and overall, most days. All of the cliches apply here: I feel better mentally; have more physical energy; less stress; toned muscles; burned fat; you get the idea. I only need look to My Girl to see the proof of it all. She is the one we would send for regular jogs around the block to work off some steam…hers and mine! The last six months she has really kicked her workouts into high gear and, while she didn’t need to lose weight, she has slimmed down, toned up and her stress level and mental happiness have improved. Dedicated workouts are just good for us, y’all.

4. Healthy/clean eating. Also a no brainer, but really, since I’m back to working out I realize just how crappy my eating has become. I spend an hour plus at the gym and then come home and eat junk? Just does not make sense. My personal chef comes home today and he and I have already discussed this. We all need to eat more healthy and be more aware of eating more cleanly.

5. Organizing/reorganizing/purging. Stuff. It’s everywhere. I am determined to really scale it back. Especially after helping my folks and in-laws move these last few years. I am going to stick with the basic questions regarding my stuff: do I have an emotional tie to it? do I love it? do I use it? can I replace it if I need to? Even answering yes doesn’t necessarily mean I should keep it.

6. Finding me. More like reconnecting with me. We all wear many hats during the different seasons of our lives. One thing I have really suppressed these last 20+ years is my creativity. I needed to do that in order to get done everything else. I’m not complaining. It was consciously done. But my creative genes are bustin’ at the seams to be let out again and I’m going for it. Blogging has helped feed the need to write. I always had a sketch book going and a supply of paints and canvas. I like making things and have fed that need with crocheting over the last few years, and this year I’m making some Christmas presents, which is something I always did and haven’t done in years. My very first big purchase with money from my first summer job was a camera. I carried that Pentex with me wherever I went and still have it, by the way, but have moved onto a Nikon digital. I do need to take Charlene’s suggestion and get back to photography. And lastly, I do have some basic musical talents that I need to unwrap and will after the new year when I begin practicing with our Worship Team again. That is, if I can find my 12-string, remember how to restring it and spend some time toughing up those finger tip callouses. Nails and manicures are heading to the back burner. All of these thing are a part of who I am; who God created me to be and, while stepping out and opening myself up to an audience is often scary, it is also obedience. Repressing who I am and what I am able to do is just not healthy. *this paragraph is all about me trying to convince me, not me trying to convince you, by the way*

7. Family. After all is said and done, my family is still my priority. And who is my family? (Good Samaritan parable reference from Luke 10, by the way.) My family is my husband and children and parents and siblings, but also my church family, friends and neighbors.

Pretty ambitious, I think. Maybe a little scary and overwhelming. I will cut myself some slack, but I also feel these are all things I am supposed to get going on. I’m actually excited (in a horrified, what-was-I-thinking way!)

Love you guys. Chat soon.

One thought on “No Excuses Twenty-thirteen.

  1. Wow…this is one of those blogs I would like to have the ability to respond to individual sentences. A lot packed in here! I like everything on your list except the NCIS addiction. (Although I have stopped watching the old USA episodes while I put on my makeup in the morning…they're DVR'd) When you're done purging your house will you help me with mine? ( 😀 )


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