Pinterest (and NCIS) will be the death of me.

Confession: I had this post completely written yesterday. This morning I came here to post it and decided to dump everything but the first paragraph and turn it into a luscious list. 

1. Seriously, y’all. I have no willpower. Zip. Zero. None. I can not stay away from Pinterest during the day and Gibbs’ siren song calls to me nightly on USA Network. I start out being able to multitask and then I’m hit with The Double Time Suck Whammy…watching NCIS with my laptop on my, er, lap whilst scanning Pinterest, at the same time. Why can’t I just say no?!? But, more importantly, do I really want to?

2. Came downstairs this morning to discover this:

The tree skirt is completely pulled away from under the tree. What you don’t see are the chunks of tree branches and needles all over the place. Apparently, the kitties had quite the par-tay last night while we were asleep. Thankfully, we don’t tie the tree skirt together under the tree or, I imagine, the entire tree would have come down. One of the joys of living with cats.

3. I realized this morning that if I make my morning coffee any stronger I will be spooning the beans straight from the container into my mouth. I do like me some strong java to wake me up.

4. I turned the fireplace on this morning, left it on for five minutes and turned it back off again. Either the heat in the house is set too high or I’m having hot flashes. Since I am still so young, oh, who am I kidding? It’s the hot flashes. Stink. Can’t even enjoy my fireplace.

5. So last night we went to Medieval Madness with My Man’s office group. It was cheesy and kind of bawdy (always a fun word to use), but the food was pretty tasty and we had a good time. I especially enjoyed walking the two blocks from our parking spot to the venue. Old Town Alexandria at night is beautiful during the Christmas season. I realized that I haven’t been down there to shop in ages. Literally not in the last 25 years. Might have to do that this winter. I’m sure I can convince someone to go with. Just to wander in and out of the shops and eat lunch…sounds lovely.

Horrible pic of us, but it’s all I have and I realize that we, as bloggers and facebookers and all things social media, only show the good stuff so here’s the ugly side.

The Wild Boy was intrigued by the whole experience and, since we couldn’t bring him home a broadsword, (although they did sell them there) he wanted one of these mugs. They were $20 each (!). Notice there are no eating utensils on the table? Yep…we ate with our hands. And it was yucky. Have I ever mentioned that I could very easily become a germaphobe? I could, in a heart beat.

6. In my usual OCDness, I am ready to gut the house completely between now and Christmas. Part of that, I think, is because there is just so much stuff involved with Christmas. The living room is 1/4 taken over by the tree; all of the decorations; bags and packages and cards and wrapping stuff…all send my OCD tendencies into over. drive. I am really, really, having to fight it this year, in particular. I am painting the bathroom off the kitchen, however, which has been in it’s current sorry state for about five years now. I know that I will feel better after the New Year when everything is packed up and put away, but between now and then…it’s going to be a rough ride. I actually feel sorry for my people, in a you-have-no-idea-how-much-worse-it-could-be sort of way.

7. Does anyone else stand at the coffee mug cabinet each morning and decide which coffee mug best suits your mood before reaching for one? No? Um, oh, well then, me neither…

8. I only made it to the gym two times this week. I really want to get there 4-5 times a week, but I just can’t seem to swing it right now (see #6 above). I can’t stress about it, I can just do the best I can and will get back on serious track after the 25th this month.

Nothing too deep to discuss here today. Well, that’s a lie…I confessed already that I dumped an entire blog post and I did it because it was pretty deep and I just didn’t want to go there today. Maybe tomorrow…or not. Also, I was able to use luscious, bawdy, germaphobe and lovely in the same post. Score!

Love you guys. Chat soon!

8 thoughts on “Pinterest (and NCIS) will be the death of me.

  1. I was impressed with “bawdy”, nevermind luscious, germaphobe and lovely!

    And, btw…I ALWAYS carefully choose my coffee mugs. I even have some placed way back in the cabinet so other people don't find them and possibly use them. “Get your hands off…they're MINE!!!

  2. I always use the same mug. Can't make myself change..wonder what that says about me??

    You are far far too young to have hot flashes. It must be global warming.

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