December 5.

Wanted to share some pics with y’all:



This happens when I set the camera down and walk away for a minute.

Love these guys.

Packing up The Big Boy…end of college years.

As I dreaded expected, December is flying by. And so far, it has not been kind.

I’m getting further and further behind on everything I want to do. This morning I realized I needed to focus on what I need to do. I think adding a consistent workout to my schedule has really thrown my entire life into a tail spin. I just can’t seem to get back on track with everything else. I know this will blow y’all away, but I had to sit down and make a couple lists of everything I need to do. I included a few wants in there also, but I realized that the wants may just not get done or may get done late. And, as my sister said to me this morning, I will get up the next morning as usual and keep going.

Being an introvert most of my life, and now a closet one, I find that the stress of having to get dressed up, go out, be social, i.e., Christmas parties and functions, sends me over the edge. Every year I tell My Man I’m just not going to do it next year. I’m just going to say no and not go. And every year he gives me his “but-I’m-a-super-extrovert” puppy dog look and I agree to go. And it will be fine and possibly even fun. Possibly.

Yesterday, our dear friend, Florence Brunner, passed away after a too-short battle with cancer. Flo was a fighter until the end. She didn’t want to go. She still had things she wanted to set right here on this side.She and I talked about this repeatedly. I never convinced her that she needed to let those things go. She was thinking of others until the very end. She was a true gem. Always laughing and smiling. Sticking her nose in our business like she was a part of our family; and she was and we let her. She would sneak over regularly for forbidden potato chips and pretzel rods and I always tried to have a bag of each stashed away, just for her. She gave us many, many beautiful Christmas treasures over the years and every year when I put them out, I will remember her with love and a smile. Flo was so much more than just a neighbor and friend. She was dearly loved by us, by my entire family and all of our friends. She is already missed.

Guess I better hit the list and get some things done. Love you guys. Chat soon.

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