December 1, 2012.

I am totally floored by the fact that it is December 1. Of 2012. How is this possible? You know what this means? Next month I will turn, well, a really high number. This also means that my bff, Charlene and I will be the same exact age for 6 months or so. I hate that. She’s clearly so much more, um, wiser than I am. *every year I rub in the fact that she is 1 year older for 6 months and she reciprocates when I catch up with her again. We’ve been doing this dance for…counting..thirty-freaking-five years*

Floored again.

As I quickly approach a really high number of years on this earth, I have come to a couple of conclusions. Since I just did a list yesterday, I’m inclined to not do another list.

Oh, what the heck.

1. As I’m getting…wiser…I am finding that I am more concerned about the life and death, love and kindness¬† issues than I am the “is this going to matter in a month? a year? 10 years?” issues. Lately, I’ve been feeling really annoyed by the folks who pick at the little stuff; always having to criticize; always having to say something about everything to build themselves up. And then I realized *over dinner with good, wise friends and a glass of Chianti* that the people in my life who have that gift, actually free me up to focus on the life and death, love and kindness issues! Such a relief. I don’t have to worry about that stuff…other people have it; I need to focus on what I am supposed to focus on. Oh, and P.S., I used to have that gift and realized it was not for me.

2. Falling asleep at night holding hands with My Man is the greatest thing in the whole, wide world. Well, other than being the recipient of an unsolicited hug from The Wild Boy, which, if that ever happens, will just complete my life.

3. Stop. Breathe. Think. Before speaking, Susan. That before part always gets me.

4. I do a lot of asking for forgiveness vice asking for permission. Just sayin’. See #3 above.

5. I become very, very attached to the people who are important in the lives of my children. Especially the ones that they date. I have just been a wreck over the break-up of The Wild Boy and His Princess. A. Wreck. I hate for anyone to be hurting and they have both been hurting and, well, it just makes my heart hurt. My Man says I become too involved. Whatever. I’d much rather love them fiercely and be hurt than to not love them.

6. Working fireplaces in the cold weather equals one very happy woman.

7. Wish I were here more than just one week a year:

I had so much more to say, but it is now December 2 as I am finishing up this post so I think I’ll save the rest for another day.

Love you guys. Chat soon!

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